GP case study: Paediatrics

A GP in Milton Keynes CCG prevents an emergency situation for an ill baby by using Phone A&G from her local trust, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

“It is quick and efficient, so time is saved on a busy day! The advice you get is precise and given by very experienced clinicians in whichever speciality. I highly recommend it.” Dr Kalilani-Themuka

GP case study: Paediatrics

Dr Margaret Kalilani-Themuka works at the Brooklands Health Centre in Milton Keynes CCG. The surgery has had access to Phone Advice & Guidance, provided by Consultant Connect and commissioned by the CCG, since September 2017. She has been a GP for 36 years and uses the service to contact consultants at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. 

We asked Dr Kalilani-Themuka how she used to contact specialists before Phone Advice & Guidance was available to her:
“I phoned the hospital and looked around for who was senior enough and available in the department to advise me. it was time consuming.”

Dr Kalilani-Themuka finds Phone Advice & Guidance “a better tool” because:

“It is quick and efficient, so time is saved on a busy day! The advice you get is precise and given by very experienced clinicians in whichever specialty. I highly recommend it.”

Below is a recent example of a clinical issue regarding a baby with low oxygen saturation that prompted Dr Kalilani-Themuka to use the Phone Advice & Guidance service.
“I saw a baby who was relatively well. He had a slight cold but the mother was worried. The examination was largely uninformative apart from an oxygen saturation of 82%. I tried different oximeters but the sats were still low.”

How Phone A&G helped:
“I decided to discuss my findings with a paediatrician who immediately told me to send the child in! The child ended up in hospital for four days and was treated for the infection on site. The point is, apart from the low sats, the baby was as good as normal. Using Phone Advice & Guidance that day was crucial. If I hadn’t had the conversation with the specialist, it’s very likely that the baby would have ended up as a 999 call from home later.”

Click here to view and download PDF version of this case study.

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