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We connect GPs with local specialists to reduce potentially avoidable hospital attendances.

Immediate Advice and Guidance is better for patients, clinicians and the National Health Service

Consultant Connect enables a GP to dial a single number to immediately reach an appropriate specialist. The immediacy of this interaction, together with the ability to rapidly communicate detailed information, makes this solution the most effective Advice and Guidance method.

Our solution significantly reduces unnecessary referrals, improves patient care and drives down costs in local healthcare. Moreover, it receives excellent feedback from GPs, Consultants, patients and commissioners.

Consultant Connect is currently used in Elective, Urgent and Mental Health care settings.

Calls to-date


GP surgeries


What a Consultant Connect call has meant to …

… GPs

“The call enabled me to deal with some abnormal results in an efficient manner – which tests to request and what to do with the results. Saved a referral.”

… Consultants

“I took a call regarding a patient with syncope and ataxia. I avoided an unnecessary admission and got the lady seen urgently in an outpatient clinic.”

… Commissioners

“Consultant Connect is our only QIPP scheme that is over delivering against its YTD QIPP target. I’m genuinely struggling to know how to deal with all this positivity. It’s very unusual in my line of work. Great news.”

I think that if we kept this up over the course of a year we would see our GP referrals reduce by 6% purely down to the impact of Consultant Connect alone. We’d best start thinking about our next few specialties before long.

Excellent initiative – back to the old days when speaking person to person made much more sense.

We really appreciate all the help and support you give us – it is refreshing to find a company that are so involved in the roll-out and care that it goes well!

This is very good. As a practice we find Consultant Connect extremely useful, and can’t wait for other specialties to be involved.

I like it,  I like it a lot… it’s very simple but very effective.

Our App

Access to consultants plus clinical photography at the touch of a button

The Consultant Connect App combines fast navigation of available local Advice & Guidance specialisms with the ability to take clinical photos (using the PhotoSAF feature) in a secure and IG-compliant way.

It’s available to all GPs with access to the Consultant Connect Telephone Advice & Guidance service.



This game-changing service is already live in 50 CCGs and 36 Trusts including: