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We are working with over 60 CCGs/Health Boards/STPs and over 50 Hospital Trusts

IG Secure & GDPR Compliant

Our low-cost solutions work seamlessly in tandem with each other, giving clinicians the option of Phone or Photo Advice & Guidance or safe clinical photography.

It’s estimated that our Phone Advice & Guidance service has saved the NHS over £10 million by ensuring patients get the right treatment from the beginning. More than 60% of calls avoid hospital or A&E.

We use solutions that are designed to be fast to set up with no hardware or training required. All projects are fully managed by our team minimising the need for additional CCG/Health Board and Hospital Trust admin.

Our solutions are currently being used in Elective, Urgent, and Mental Health Care settings.



GP Practices

NHS savings

What our solutions mean to…

… Commissioners

“We are, at Luton and Dunstable, the top performing hospital in the country for the 4-hour emergency care indicator and one of the things that’s helped contribute to that is Consultant Connect”  David Kirby, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Luton & Dunstable Hospital

The service has built really good relationships between GPs and consultants, improved communication and improved patient care. It’s efficient, simple to use and quick to set up.”  Pam Green, Director of Transformation & Strategy, North East Essex

… GPs

The response is immediate, and it is always better to be able to deal with the problem, resolve it and tick it off. Sometimes this is clinically crucial too.”  Dr Peter Gregory, South Warwickshire

Nobody wants to be referred to hospital only for the consultant to say that their GP is the best person to manage their care. If the best course of action can be determined through a quick phone call it’s more efficient for the NHS and more convenient for the patient.”  Dr Stephanie Teanby-Clark, Doncaster

“Being able to call a consultant for immediate advice while I’m with my patient is hugely beneficial to me and them. It means when a patient comes to me with unusual symptoms or a complex medical history, I have the tools to seek advice from a specialist in Bath who will guide me on how to best care for my patient. When my patient leaves my surgery, they can feel confident that we’ve given them the best advice,”  Dr Boo McConnell, Bath

… Consultants

My experience of using Consultant Connect has been fantastic. It’s extremely easy to use.”  Patrick Davey, Consultant Cardiologist, Northampton General Hospital

“It doesn’t take up a lot of my time and it does avoid referrals.”  Charles Bodmer, Consultant, Colchester Hospital


I think that if we kept this up over the course of a year we would see our GP referrals reduce by 6% purely down to the impact of Consultant Connect alone. We’d best start thinking about our next few specialties before long.

Excellent initiative – back to the old days when speaking person to person made much more sense.

We really appreciate all the help and support you give us – it is refreshing to find a company that are so involved in the roll-out and care that it goes well!

This is very good. As a practice we find Consultant Connect extremely useful, and can’t wait for other specialties to be involved.

I like it,  I like it a lot… it’s very simple but very effective.

The Consultant Connect App

Our app combines fast navigation of available local Advice & Guidance specialisms (for Phone Advice & Guidance) with the ability to take clinical photos (using the PhotoSAF feature). When Photo Advice & Guidance is enabled, these images can be shared immediately with local specialists –  all in a secure IG secure & GDPR compliant way.

Our app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.