Enhanced Advice & Guidance: Performance Benchmarks - Consultant Connect

Enhanced Advice & Guidance: Performance Benchmarks

Enhanced Advice & Guidance: Performance Benchmarks

Patients Covered

40 million patients covered

Consultants (1)

9,500 NHS consultants

Gps (1)

5,000 GP practices


1.4 million calls placed


2 million photos taken


250,000 Messages sent

About the service:

The Consultant Connect service is the UK’s most widely used Enhanced Advice & Guidance system, connecting healthcare professionals and patients across the NHS.

Covering over half of the NHS across England, Scotland and Wales, the service enables clinicians to use a unique Dial-In Number, the secure Consultant Connect App, or their desktop computers to call specialist NHS clinicians for pre-referral advice and guidance. Clinicians can also use Consultant Connect via the app or in their browser to send photos and/or messages directly to specialist NHS clinicians for pre-referral advice and guidance. All calls are recorded for medico-legal purposes, and photos and messages are saved in a secure cloud and never stored on phones.

Since 2016, we have been publishing the definitive data of the impact of non e-RS Advice & Guidance. This includes all the cumulative data from the last 8 years for every phone call, message and photo taken*.

*Aggregated data from June 2015 – June 2023 inclusive

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PerformanceTake a deep dive into the definitive data of the impact of Enhanced Advice & Guidance:

Take a deep dive into the definitive data of the impact of Enhanced Advice & Guidance:

Core Performance Data: Elective Care

‘I used Consultant Connect to seek Gynaecology A&G for a patient approximately a year ago. I spoke to a specialist very quickly who was absolutely fantastic and saved the patient many problems. The patient presented with a third-degree prolapse, and, before Consultant Connect was implemented, she would have had to wait multiple months for an outpatient appointment. However, when I spoke to the gynaecology specialist, they arranged to see the patient on the ward that same day.

I saw the patient again recently for a check-up, and she was incredibly grateful for rapid intervention, and she had already had her surgery.’ Find out more.

Dr Victoria Barber

GP, Northamptonshire

‘I really like the ease of having quick access to advice, via Consultant Connect, without the need to wait on hold via switchboard. It’s like having specialist advice at your fingertips. If a specialist is not available to answer, there are other specialists that the system automatically diverts the call to, which saves time in comparison to being directed back to switchboard.’ Find out more.

Dr Suzannah Carrier

GP, Salford

‘If there are any urgent or time-sensitive queries, such as haemorrhages, with Consultant Connect, it’s much easier to get timely access to specialist advice. The advice-seeker gets faster access to guidance for their patient, rather than the phones ringing out.  It is reassuring to know that advice-seekers will be able to get hold of the most appropriate person via Consultant Connect.’ Find out more.

Sam Jenkins

Haematology Service Manager, Singleton Hospital, Swansea Bay UHB

Core Performance Data: Urgent Care

‘As a paramedic, I am allowed to make autonomous clinical decisions and discharge patients, however, this hasn’t stopped me from using Consultant Connect, and I still find it a fantastic option for obtaining clinical support which ensures our patients get signposted to the most appropriate option for their conditions. The service ensures that I am not delayed at the scene with a patient and that a patient does not attend hospital unnecessarily.’ Find out more.

Keith McRavey

Paramedic, Scottish Ambulance Service

Many older people living with frailty are conveyed to hospital by ambulance but then turn out not to need hospital care. The Silver Triage initiative in North Central London aims to ensure more older people living with frailty receive urgent care in their home setting, if this is safe and in keeping with their wishes and preferences. This initiative has reduced patient conveyances for older people from 75% to 20%. Find out more.

NHS Confederation

Silver Triage, Case Study

‘The Consultant Connect system is brilliant, we wouldn’t be without it. Managing frailty is vitally important for any acute hospital, and enabling paramedics to speak with consultants quickly has changed everything.’ Find out more.

Dr Jyoti Nippani

Associate Medical Director, South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust

Core Performance Data: Dermatology

The Integrated Care Journal (ICJ) published an article highlighting the impact of Consultant Connect’s Teledermatology platform, giving GPs across the UK rapid access to advice from NHS consultant dermatologists. Find out more.

Integrated Care Journal


Dermatology Messaging A&G is priceless, and I could give you countless examples of when the service has benefited patients. I’ve seen most skin rashes during my career, but there will be the occasional presentation where specialist advice is helpful. Consultant Connect allows me to tell patients, “Let’s take some photos, and as soon as I receive a response, we’ll put together a plan”. I normally have a response within 48 hours maximum, and I can text the patient with the management plan and attach a copy of the specialist’s response for their reference. Patients are pleased because they’re not waiting months for an outpatient appointment, by which time their skin condition will have deteriorated. It’s an excellent service; I love it.’ Find out more.

Dr Victoria Barber

GP, Northamptonshire

‘Using Consultant Connect for access to rapid advice is significantly easier, especially for Dermatology. When you have queries about the severity of a patient’s condition, trying to get the best care for a patient in the past would’ve usually resulted in a referral. It would have then taken a while to receive a response to this referral, and, in the meantime, the patient would have been struggling and worrying, and there would have also been concern from my side.’ Find out more.

Dr Emamoke Ubogu

GP, Birmingham and Solihull

NHSX’s Digital playbooks “have been developed to support clinical teams to reimagine and redesign care pathways by showcasing tried and tested technologies to solve real-world problems.” They highlight challenges faced by people working in different NHS organisations and share solutions and best practice.

Three of our Teledermatology projects feature in the NHSX Dermatology playbook:

Read about our Devon project in NHSX Dermatology Digital Playbook

Read about our Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust project in NHSX Dermatology Digital Playbook

Read about our project in Leeds in NHSX Dermatology Digital Playbook


Dermatology Digital Playbook

Core Performance Data: Mental Health

‘The service via Consultant Connect has enabled us to have a dedicated staff member to answer calls from practitioners about patients before a potential referral. We can screen in those who are appropriate for the service and offer bespoke support packages for those who aren’t. We can give general advice and guidance for those referrals and ascertain more information as needed. This is so beneficial for the patients as it puts them at the heart of the conversation as opposed to passing them onto another service. The patient receives person-centred support, tailored just for them.’ Find out more.

Jane Whalley

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Service Manager, Hywel Dda UHB

In 2019, feedback from mental health clinicians at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) was received that communication delays and access to specialist acute advice were creating a barrier to providing mental and physical healthcare. As a result, Telephone A&G provided by Consultant Connect was launched to aid mental health clinicians in seeking advice in the same way it is available for clinicians in Primary Care. Telephone A&G provided by Consultant Connect is now embedded into routine practice in SLaM, two years after it originally launched, with over 500 clinicians from 16 professional groups registered for the Consultant Connect App. More than 70% of A&G queries resulted in the patient receiving physical health care from mental health clinicians, avoiding referrals or transfers. Find out more.

Integrating Mental and Physical Healthcare Systems, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

‘I recently received a call from a patient’s mum who stated that the patient was expressing suicidal thoughts, which had happened previously. Their mum was really worried, and the call came through towards the end of the day, so I needed rapid advice. I called the MHAU line via Consultant Connect and discussed the patient with the specialist, and we quickly devised a patient management plan. The specialist advised me on actions to take in the interim as well as a follow-up plan for later down the line. As a result of this call, I was able to give the patient and their mum a definitive plan which they were happy with, and the prompt response put them at ease.’ Find out more.

Dr Ejike Peterside

GP, Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Download the full report

Consultant Connect Benchmark Report Download Request
Download The 2023 Benchmarks



The gold standard: Don’t just take our word for it

The gold standard: Don’t just take our word for it

What our NHS partners say

Helen West, System Lead for Elective Recovery, Coventry and Warwickshire ICB:

‘The Consultant Connect team have always been flexible to our needs working around our systems and processes to help deliver our projects. Their team of staff are friendly and knowledgeable and always engage to provide the best service possible.

They deliver a service in the background that has assisted us to improve the delivery of our services and ultimately more timely care to our patients.’

Stephen Wells, Senior Programme Manager, North Central London ICB:

‘The support from Consultant Connect is outstanding as they fully understand the day-to-day clinical interfaces between GPs, consultants, and other clinical staff, which embraces the NHS’s thinking in developing clinical networks across organisational boundaries as an Integrated Care System and developing integrated care.

The Consultant Connect platform is so easy to use and the support from their team is highly professional, very responsive and is bespoke to the needs of the local system and is continually reviewed to ensure local clinicians are rostered to support the clinical needs of the local health and care system and making the best use of the technology.’

Olivia MosleyService Lead – Community Paediatrics, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust:

‘The Consultant Connect team put things into place quickly and supported us every step of the way to ensure that we were happy with the process – their contact with us has been much appreciated and very efficient – we have built a strong working relationship. Not only have they been professional in their involvement, but their buy-in into how they know they support our treatment offer is impressive, considering the barriers we are all against.’

Louise Tuckett, Director of Strategy, Planning & Performance, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust:

‘Our work with Consultant Connect has been incredibly effective in driving more efficient patient pathways and ensuring the most effective use of our clinical resources. The operational team have always been very responsive and flexible to our needs.’

Dr Jyothi Nippani, Associate Medical Director, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust:

‘The Consultant Connect system is brilliant, we wouldn’t be without it. Managing frailty is vitally important for any acute hospital, and enabling paramedics to speak with consultants quickly has changed everything.’

Ben Colman, Senior Project Manager, Integrated Care Division, Salford Care Organisation, Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust:

‘Our Account Manager at Consultant Connect has been supporting us all the way since we launched the project. He’s really responsive and supports individual services who have asked for some support or guidance. He’s also on hand to show clinicians how to get the most out of Consultant Connect.’

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