Virtual Consultations (Patient Connect) 


Clinicians use Patient Connect to deliver IG-secure virtual consultations. All data and call recordings are available via Consultant Connect in your browser.

How it works

Patient Connect enables clinicians to easily set up and deliver telephone follow up consultations via Consultant Connect.
To set up and make a Patient Connect call, follow the simple steps below:

Patient Connect - Consultant Connect

Key benefits

For clinicians:

  • Ability to contribute significantly to patient care whilst working remotely or at home.
  • The call recordings are also being used to deliver appropriate training.
  • They only see the patients they need to see.

For patients:

  • Instant reassurance, avoidance of stress or worry.
  • Avoidance of costs (childcare, missing work) and disruption through unnecessary hospital visits and long waits.
  • Right care, faster.

5 minutes with… a Consultant answering local and out-of-area Advice & Guidance queries - Consultant Connect

This service is currently used in a variety of different pathways including

Emergency Medicine:

NHS Lanarkshire has seen a significant impact since introducing the ‘Patient Connect’ service in December 2020 at University Hospital Monklands, with the aim of getting patients the right care faster and first time. Since the launch, over 4,000 calls have been made, with 30% of calls resulting in the patient not having to attend A&E as a result.

Read our recent Patient Connect case study where an elderly patient in a nursing home avoided a hospital transfer for a scalp wound.

This service is ideal for

  • Remote or virtual consultations either within a hospital setting or working from home
  • To reduce the volume of patients coming into hospital unnecessarily for valuable ‘outpatient’ appointments
  • To be combined with our PIFU service

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