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GP case study: Spinal Issues - Consultant Connect

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Your Service Directory will show your surgery’s unique Dial-In Number, all available Telephone A&G specialties and their operating hours. To access your Service Directory, click the button below and enter your Dial-In Number.

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Our CPD accreditation means that learning time is recorded and Primary Care clinicians in most areas using Consultant Connect, now automatically earn CPD credits.

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GP – case studies

Over 4,500 GP practices across the UK have access to NHS Advice & Guidance via the Consultant Connect service. Read our GP case studies to find out how the service is being used to improve patient care.

Nurse – case studies

When Consultant Connect first started providing NHS Advice & Guidance it was just GPs that used the service to speak to specialists. Now it’s a wider range of medics and community healthcare providers. Read our nurse case studies to find out more about their experience of using the service.

Primary Care Customer Area - Consultant Connect
Primary Care Customer Area - Consultant Connect

Paramedic – case studies

How are Ambulance Trusts using NHS Advice & Guidance via Consultant Connect? Read our paramedic case studies to find out more.

5 minutes with…

In these short interviews, clinicians and Primary Care staff across the UK share their experiences of using Consultant Connect…

Luton Lead Nurse & Service Manager, Sally Shaw

‘Consultant Connect has revolutionised our CCS GP Liaison (GPL) as GP surgeries use their specific Dial-In Number directly to the team mobiles and the team have managed a response time to their calls within 30 seconds 87% of the time. This in turn has reduced the number of unheralded patients attending for the medical and surgical teams and ensured patients have a smoother pathway as they are expected by the specialty teams, reducing time and duplication for the professional. It has also given the opportunity for the referrer to have a discussion with the Liaison Sister who is able to signpost if appropriate to other pathways and services in the community.’

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Surrey General Pracitioner, Dr Naomi Lauret

Five months after the Consultant Connect Telephone Advice & Guidance was made available to her practice, Dr Lauret talks to us about what she thinks of the service and how using the Consultant Connect App has improved patient care.

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5 minutes with a GP and Assistant Medical Director

‘I’ve had experience in speaking to both local and out-of-area NHS consultants.

A recent example is when I saw a young respiratory patient with a clinical problem that I wanted advice on. I used Consultant Connect to speak to our local respiratory team and was connected very quickly. It was extremely useful and I got an instant resolution to this patient’s management.’

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Welsh Ambulance Paramedic, Sion Breese

‘The Consultant Connect App allows me to speak directly with specific areas of need. A recent example was the need to contact the palliative care team for some advice in managing an end-of-life patient. I was able to speak very quickly to the palliative care specialist and discuss a treatment plan to allow the patient to remain comfortable at home with their family around them.’

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GP in Stafford, Dr Choudhury

‘I recently used the service for advice on management of hyponatremia in a care home patient with complex needs. The service helped me to provide an appropriate management plan for the patient and avoided unnecessary referral to Secondary Care. The interaction with the consultant was a valuable learning tool. I was able to reassure the patient’s relatives and successfully implement the changes needed to correct her sodium levels.’

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GP in Wales, Dr Griffin

‘A patient presented with severe symptoms of back pain, knee pain with effusion, ankle pain and clear evidence of synovitis. The presentation was of an acute flare up of probable seronegative arthritis. The patient had already been referred to Rheumatology and was awaiting an outpatient appointment. The condition had clearly deteriorated significantly and rapidly, the patient was in a lot of pain could barely mobilise and was in significant distress.’

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GP case study: Telederm - Consultant Connect

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Make the most of your Consultant Connect service – Primary Care demonstration videos

The Consultant Connect service is free to clinicians within participating NHS areas. These videos help clinicians get started with Consultant Connect and include step by step explanations of how to use the secure app and dashboard and make the most of it. Click here to watch them on the Consultant Connect Vimeo channel.

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