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5 reasons to provide A&G via Consultant Connect

Find out what the benefits of providing Advice & Guidance via Consultant Connect are and what feedback from consultants already doing so is…

5 minutes with…

In these short interviews, Consultants and Secondary Care staff, across the UK, share their experiences of using Consultant Connect…

Consultant Case Studies

Nearly 5,000 NHS consultants across the United Kingdom use the Consultant Connect service to make and/or answer NHS Advice & Guidance calls. Read our consultant case studies to find out about their experiences of using the service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do consultants have to take the calls?

No. In the vast majority of cases Consultants will be taking calls during their normal work plan and it is up to each individual as to whether they take or ignore a call. (Experience of this service to date is that GPs use this service very wisely and on average nationally consultants are each taking around 2 or 3 calls per week, which average under 4 minutes in duration).

Will my number be shared with Primary Care?

No. The numbers are held securely within the CC system. When answering a GP call via Consultant Connect, an automated message will prompt consultants to press “1” to speak to the GP. If consultants are unavailable when a GP calls, the system will automatically connect to the next person on the rota rather than sending the caller to voicemail.

Will I get called out of hours?

No. Our system is designed so that each specialty can set up its own unique rota with clinical sessions to fit in with their existing rotas – calls will not come through the system out of those hours.

How will I know it is a GP calling me?

Any calls through Consultant Connect will always come from a dedicated number that we will issue to you so you will always know a GP is calling rather than anyone else (most consultants save this number into their phones as ‘GP calling’).

Will consultants have access to any patient records?

Consultants are often away from their desks when they take a call. As such, we ask GPs to assume that the consultants will not have access to any patient records and that advice will be based entirely on the information that is provided to the consultants via telephone/photo/message.

Who is responsible for the patient whose care is being discussed?

The GP remains responsible for deciding what treatment is to be provided following receipt of the A&G and whether or not a referral or admission is appropriate for their patient.

Is the service free to GPs, consultants and other clinicians?

Yes. The service, including all App functionality, is paid for by the CCG/Health Board and/or Hospital Trust. There is no cost to users, other than the cost of a local telephone call if they are seeking Telephone Advice & Guidance.

How do we sign up? Is it necessary to use NHS email ID?

Signing up to Consultant Connect is easy. Visit and fill in the relevant details as prompted. You will need to use your NHS email address, as this is pre-verified. Once you have created your account, you can download the free Consultant Connect App from Google Play or the App Store and log in using your NHS email address and the password used when signing up.

Are the patient photos automatically saved to the patient record?

No. They are sent to the clinician by email as a PDF summary and can also be downloaded via the secure Consultant Connect dashboard by medical secretaries or admin staff.

I don't seem to have photos or message option on the app?

Please email the team on or give us a call on 01865 261 467 so that we make sure you have the right access.


In numbers


Used by over 80 CCG/Health Board areas

Used by over 80 Hospitals

Covering more than 29 million patients

Used by over 75 CCG/Health Board areas

Used by over 80 Hospitals

Over £42 million NHS savings to date

Covering more than 29 million patients

Case studies

We work with over 80 CCGs/Health Boards, 80 Hospitals, and thousands of GP practices. Find out how we help them:

5 minutes with a GP in Wales

5 minutes with a GP in Wales

Eight months after Consultant Connect Telephone Advice & Guidance was made available to his practice, Dr Griffin talks to us about what he thinks of the service and how using Consultant Connect has improved patient care.

GP case study: Elderly Care

GP case study: Elderly Care

Dr Angharad Triggs, is a GP at Penylan Surgery in Cardiff, where clinicians have had access to Telephone Advice & Guidance provided by Consultant Connect since June 2020.

5 minutes with a Consultant answering local and out-of-area Advice & Guidance queries

5 minutes with a Consultant answering local and out-of-area Advice & Guidance queries

Dr Jackson talks to us about his personal experience of answering local and out-of-area Advice & Guidance queries via Consultant Connect...

GP case study: Rheumatology/ Haematology

GP case study: Rheumatology/ Haematology

Dr Jonathan Griffin has been a GP for 18 years, he is currently working as a partner in the Penarth Healthcare Partnership in the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff.

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