Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility

Visual accessibility was thoroughly considered during the design and build of the Consultant Connect site. So, for example all the colour contrasts (white on blue, white on green, dark grey on light grey etc.) and font sizes meet The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines standards. 

We have also optimised our website so that:

  • it is also navigable by the keyboard for disabled users who cannot use mice or trackpads.
  •  visually impaired users can ‘read’ the website using standard website ‘reading’ programmes.


If you have any further questions, please email or call Laura Mackrory on 01865 261467.

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Reform is upon us – introducing the NHS Operational Plan 2020/21

As we all know, change is afoot. Last year’s Long Term Plan set out some pretty demanding targets, including the headline 30% reduction in face-to-face hospital appointments. Now, to help with this, NHSE has published its “Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2020/21”, setting out where its efforts will be focused. There’s some revolutionary change on the cards to start off with...

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Ophthalmology A&G using the Consultant Connect App


Last year we saw a significant rise in the number of enquiries from NHS areas keen to find out if we could help reduce Ophthalmology referrals. Ophthalmology referrals to hospital eye services rose just over 12% from 2013/14 to 2017/18 and now account for just over 8% of outpatient appointments (NHS Digital). What's the impact of using Consultant Connect to get effective Ophthalmology A&G?

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The impact of out-of-area NHS consultants - fifteen months on


Since November 2018, GPs in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale (HMR) have had access to immediate Phone Advice & Guidance from national teams of specialist consultants via Consultant Connect’s National Consultant Network (NCN). Fifteen months on the A&G specialties available has doubled...

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Have you published your response to the NHS LTP yet? 


NHS healthcare areas are now expected to make their “first submission of draft operational plans” (“Early” Feb 20) to be quickly followed by their “final submission of operational plans” (by end March 2020). Take a look at how an innovative ICS has responded...

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Telederm in the NHS - how to take best pictures


Teledermatology depends on clinicians taking images that allow an accurate and rapid diagnosis. That’s why we’ve worked with NHS Dorset CCG to create a guide. The guide is free for to download and use – do share it with GPs and other clinicians in your area...

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NHS Business Case Example


We have seen a lot of business cases over the years. The anonymised one you can download below has recently been approved. It's an interesting read – especially when you see the estimated saving potential of over £370k (per annum after costs) for the area proposing using Consultant Connect...

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