Earning CPD Credits via Consultant Connect 

Get advice, get CPD credits automatically!

Our CPD accreditation means that learning time is recorded, and Primary Care clinicians in most areas using Consultant Connect now automatically earn CPD credits. Credits are collected when clinicians:

  • Are from healthcare areas that have commissioned Consultant Connect.
  • Call Advice & Guidance lines using the Consultant Connect App or the Desktop Calling feature on Consultant Connect in your browser.
  • Use Photo Messaging via the Consultant Connect App or in their browser to contact specialists for Advice & Guidance.


One of the benefits of Advice & Guidance in the NHS is the opportunity to learn…

If a GP can speak with, or message a specialist, for advice about a specific patient case that they are unsure of, they are likely to feel more confident to deal with similar cases independently the next time they are presented with one. Calls and messages also enable specialists to inform clinicians about local care pathways, ‘signposting’ where to send patients to, rather than sending them to A&E. This leads to a more efficient system, with patients being sent to the right place, the first time. The learnings gained from discussing cases are not just limited to clinical experience. By speaking with peers over the telephone, clinicians can improve their framing of questions and answers efficiently and effectively – something that GPs in single-handed practices get little chance to work on.

Consultant case study: Respiratory Medicine - Consultant Connect
CPD credits - Consultant Connect



Making gathering CPD evidence easy…

We know that gathering evidence for CPD can be onerous, so we have made it super easy. CPD statements are automatically created showing the credits earned, and these can be viewed via the Consultant Connect App or in your browser. The statements are available to clinicians, who can download and save them, ready for when they need to use them. The key information on CPD credits by the Royal College of GPs can be found on their website.  In addition to CPD credits, it’s worth noting that all clinicians have access to their call recordings via Consultant Connect in your browser. This means users can listen back to their calls for training purposes.

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This short guide will explain how clinicians can earn CPD credits via the Consultant Connect App.

What clinicians say:

General Practitioner

‘The icing on the cake for me is the ability to download your CPD information following your use of Consultant Connect, which shows how useful it can be as an educational tool as well as a practical tool for clinical information.’

Dr Amit Rajiput, GP Partner in Birmingham and Solihull 


General Practitioner

‘An absolute revelation which will increase its use amongst my colleagues.’

Dr Aaliya Goyal, GP in Birmingham and Solihull


If you have any questions about earning CPD credits when using the Consultant Connect App for Advice & Guidance, please contact us: hello@consultantconnect.org.uk or 01865 261 467.