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Published: 20th June 2022
At Consultant Connect we collect a LOT of data. This enables us to provide regular insightful reports to the CCGs, Health Boards, Hospital Trusts, and ICSs we work with.
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Outpatient transformation has been highlighted as essential for Elective Recovery through the 2021/22 and the 2022/23 NHS operational planning guidance. A significant part of the transformation is influenced by quality data. Quality data plays a key role in meeting the targets whilst improving NHS services. It also enables leaders to identify trends and patterns, draw comparisons, and evaluate services.


Meeting the advice & guidance target

The requirement for the delivery of 16 advice and guidance requests per 100 outpatient first attendances, or equivalent via other triage approaches by March 2023 is achievable and easily measurable by systems using Consultant Connect for Advice & Guidance (A&G). What’s more, the Elective Recovery Outpatient Collection (EROC) codes have already been built into our data, removing any potential admin burden for the systems we work with.

What activity via Consultant Connect is automatically submitted to system EROC?

All of it! If your area uses our Telephone, Photo and/or Messaging Advice & Guidance services, you don’t need to worry about submitting the data to NHSE’s system EROC. Our system automatically collects and consolidates all your activity data and submits it to system EROC on your behalf.


Consolidating everything via Consultant Connect

Is your A&G activity data falling through the cracks?

Does your area have local hotline arrangements such as ‘on-call’ or ‘hot-week’ consultant lines? What about NHS group emails used for to and fro discussions between clinicians?

Any activity that is taking place through other channels such as NHS email, switchboard, hotlines, or direct calls isn’t automatically submitted to system EROC – but did you know it could be?

Moving these to Consultant Connect is easy and brings everything in one place, centralising the whole Advice & Guidance process, and benefiting all parties involved.

Moving local hotlines to Consultant Connect means:

  • There is no risk of not being able to capture activity for system EROC
  • All the specialties can be accessed by calling one single number
  • Volumes of calls are tracked
  • All calls are recorded for medico-legal purposes
  • There’s no chance of the number going out of date

Email Advice & Guidance via Consultant Connect:

Although it’s easy to keep track of advice handed out over Consultant Connect and e-RS, we know that there is a huge volume of email advice that is not tracked at all.

We offer fully-tracked Email Advice & Guidance. For clinicians seeking advice there is no change – a GP simply writes an email and adds attachments as usual. For hospital teams, again, there is no change. The email is received and responded to as normal.

All of this activity is tracked – numbers of cases per specialty, time to response, patient outcomes and more. It means that, for the first time, areas will be able to understand all the advice activity, speed of response and the impact on patient care. Email Advice & Guidance via Consultant Connect means there is no risk of not being able to capture email activity for system EROC.


If you would like to discuss moving your local hotlines, emails and more to Consultant Connect, to ensure no activity is being missed and all activity is collected and submitted to system EROC for you, email hello@consultantconnect.org.uk or call us on 01865 261 467.

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