Consultant Connect meets operational / planning guidance 2022/23

Published: 28th March 2022
Consultant Connect can help you meet the NHS priorities set out in the latest operational/planning guidance 2022/23. Solutions can be implemented very quickly and configured in a variety of ways to support your operational needs, plus all Advice & Guidance and triage activity data is captured and can be directly submitted to NHSE as part of your EROC data set.

The latest 2022/23 priorities and operational planning guidance released in December 2021 confirms the ongoing need to restore services, meet new care demands, and reduce waiting lists built up from the pandemic.

The good news is systems using Consultant Connect are well placed to meet the requirements in several ways. In this article, we share proven approaches that will help NHS areas meet the latest targets.

For further information on how we can support the delivery of operational planning guidance requirements, please read on, or call us on 01865 261467.

Requirement: 16 advice and guidance requests / triages per 100 outpatient first attendance by March 2023

Requirement: expanding the uptake of PIFU to all major outpatient specialties, moving or discharging 5% of outpatient attendances to PIFU pathways by March 2023 

Requirement: making teledermatology available as an option for clinicians in all providers receiving urgent cancer referrals. [no deadline]

Requirement: decrease the number of patients waiting longer than 15 weeks, [no deadline given] and reduce waits of over 78 weeks and conduct three-monthly reviews for this cohort of patients, extending the three-monthly reviews to patients waiting over 52 weeks from 1 July 2022

Requirement: in line with the NHS Long Term Plan commitment, Acute, community, mental health and ambulance providers are required to meet a core level of digitisation by March 2025


If you have any questions or would like to find out how we can support your area to meet the updated guidance requirements, please contact us on 01865 261467 or email


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