GP case study: Telederm

Dr Catherine Napper, a locum GP in NHS Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire CCG, explains why she thinks using the PhotoSAF feature on the Consultant Connect App is beneficial to both her patients and herself.

“It is about time that we embrace the technology that we have so readily at hand!”  Dr Catherine Napper

GP case study: Telederm

Dr Catherine Napper is a locum GP in NHS Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire CCG. She has been a GP for six months and uses the PhotoSAF feature on the Consultant Connect App to take safe clinical photos. Dr Napper and other GPs in this area also have access to Consultant Connect’s Telephone Advice & Guidance service. This service rapidly connects them to consultants at Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Napper comments that taking photos of her patients before she had PhotoSAF often involved “leaving the consulting room to get the shared camera.”

This is an inconvenience that many GPs face as cameras are often difficult to locate and may not always be fully charged. Cameras are also not always available when doing home visits.

Dr Napper prefers to use PhotoSAF because it’s on her mobile so:

“It is quicker, easier and more convenient.”

We asked Dr Napper what she would say to GPs who have the Consultant Connect App available in their area but who have not used it yet. She reaffirmed how simple she finds the app and its PhotoSAF feature to use:

“It is about time that we embrace the technology that we have so readily at hand!”

We asked Dr Napper to describe how she uses PhotoSAF when she is with her patients. She provided the following examples.

Dr Napper comments that she has found PhotoSAF useful on multiple occasions for “documenting skin lesions.” She takes a picture of the lesion in question, adds relevant notes and then adds it “to the patient’s medical record so that other clinicians can see what I was seeing at the time the photo was taken.” She has “found it most useful for patients with lesions where there is patient concern about change. This is because the original photo and a repeat one can be easily compared, which I find can be more compelling than verbal reassurance alone.”


How PhotoSAF helped:

Dr Napper comments that being able to monitor patients using PhotoSAF has “prevented onward referrals.” In addition, in cases where comparing photos taken at different times has highlighted a concerning change in the patient’s condition, Dr Napper has been able to quickly arrange a referral.

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