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Published: 24th March 2021
Delegates at our COVID Recovery webinar listened to how we are working with 80 areas to help accelerate their COVID-19 recovery. We’ve edited the discussion into a weekly 3 blog article series, this week we are focussing on Dermatology.

Delegates at our COVID Recovery webinar listened to how we are working with 80 areas to help accelerate their COVID-19 recovery. We’ve edited the discussion into a weekly 3 blog article series. If you missed Week 1 – you can click on this link:  5 minutes with our Referral Backlog Triage Lead

This week we are focussing on Dermatology. The discussion was between our CEO Jonathan Patrick, and Henry Maas our Head of New Initiatives and Dermatology Lead.

Can you tell us more about the sudden and very generous funding for Dermatoscopes?

“A large amount of funding has become available from places such as the Cancer Alliance, or NHS England to help CCGs procure Dermatoscopes for GPs. This is to enable primary care to take better quality images of suspected lesions, and moles and the like.  There’s been a real rush, because the spending has to be fulfilled by the end of March 2021.”

How can Consultant Connect support NHS organisations with this?

“We’ve been working with CCGs/Health Boards and Hospitals to give them guidance on how different dermatoscope models work, how they compare, and how they can improve the 2ww pathway, particularly alongside eRS.

We can support in the purchase and procurement of Dermatoscopes. All brands of Dermatoscopes are being used alongside our Photo Advice & Guidance software in a number of our projects.”

Can you share some examples of this working in practice?

“We are able to combine the latest Dermatoscope options with our leading teledermatology software – technology which is already covering over 26 million NHS patients in the UK.

  • The HEINE DELTAone is being used across NHS Kernow, Devon, Wakefield and North Kirklees CCGs.
  • The Opticlar D-Scope is being used across 5 CCGs in the North East referring into County Durham and Darlington NHS Trust.
  • The DermLite DL200Hybrid is being used in NHS Leeds CCG, amongst many.”

For new projects do you send out the Dermatoscopes straight away to GPs?

“We can have the software side of things set up within 48 hours, including a comms plan and training for primary users. We’ve also had a number of projects up and running for several months before Dermatoscopes have been introduced. The feedback from clinicians has been that even a standard image captured on a mobile is better than no image at all. Standard delivery time for Dermatoscopes is generally between 3 and 6 weeks, depending on the quantity ordered.”

What training do you provide?

“We’ve got a lot of experience in hosting training webinars, engagement events for GPs etc. We’re keen to return to face-to-face training when possible and appropriate to do so, alongside our webinars. We like to bring on your local dermatology team where possible, to give some insights, a little bit of training, and a general overview of the way that they want the service to be used, for the referrals coming into their hospital. It’s really rewarding to see GPs actually being able to start using kit that they wouldn’t previously have had access to.”

What’s the impact on patient care?

“It’s very successful at helping lesions to be identified that are of concern, and within 48 hours, those that aren’t of concern, so that the patients mind can be put at rest and they know that they don’t have to worry about it.

Three Consultant Connect projects have recently featured in the NHSX Dermatology Digital playbook. You can read more about these by clicking here.”

How long does it take to get a project launched?

“One of the great things about dermatology across the NHS is that a pathway that’s up and running in one CCG can pretty much be replicated like-for-like in any other CCG, so this can be done within a matter of days.”

What about using this in other specialties?

“Our software flexible, and adaptable, it can work across many different pathways, so we’re obviously seeing a lot of focus on dermatology at the moment, but that’s opened up to other specialties as well. Ophthalmology and ENT are great examples of where our software is working very well.”

For further information you can contact Henry by email henry.maas@consultantconnect.org.uk or call 01865 261 467.

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