“Tell us about a call” – How GPs use Consultant Connect to benefit patients

Published: 28th October 2019
The thousands of survey responses we have received over the years from GPs have given us some incredible insights into how Advice & Guidance is used in real life.

Out of all the feedback we get at Consultant Connect, hearing from clinicians using the service is arguably the most valuable. The thousands of survey responses we have received over the years from GPs have given us some incredible insights into how Advice & Guidance is used in real life.

The most interesting comments come from a question that we have been asking since our first ever user survey – “tell us about a call.” The answers we get to this question often include fascinating detail of how patients are benefitting from GPs using Advice & Guidance.

We have selected responses from our most popular specialties below:



“A patient with heart failure complicated by a valve prolapse was under my care. Her management was delicate as she has co-existing renal failure that meant it was difficult to balance her diuretics and manage her polypharmacy. I contacted her cardiologist via Phone Advice & Guidance to get advice. I was able to avoid admitting the patient, and she remained in her own home, whilst I adjusted her medication – which is what she wanted.” Read the full case study.

The consultant’s “thorough advice was didactic and helped me a great deal in deciding a management plan and to expedite the referral to the anticoagulant clinic. I am supportive of Consultant Connect; it is a very useful tool.” Read the full case study.

Diabetes and Endocrinology

“The patient was anxious to do something about the situation and wanted answers from me straight away. The Diabetes and Endocrinologist understood the difficulty, defining this type of Diabetes, and was able to start the patient’s management the same day through the Diabetes Nurses in the hospital clinic. It felt good to have the management started within a few hours of the diagnosis. This was a great result.” Read the full case study.

Elderly Care

“88-year-old patient found to be profoundly hyponatraemic.” Using Consultant Connect’s Phone Advice & Guidance service, the GP contacted a consultant at the local hospital to discuss the follow up options. The patient was “seen at the Department for Medicine for the Elderly the following day where appropriate investigations were performed, and his medication was reviewed. This avoided a late evening admission.” Read the full case study.


“A patient had on-going problems following amoebic dysentery abroad, protracted diarrhoea despite treatment and negative stool cultures. I was sure he didn’t need an urgent scope, but not sure whether steroids should be used, or if I should refer him in. The consultant suggested the use of a further course of metronidazole and refer in if still having problems. Both myself and the patient felt reassured that he could get access quickly to a consultant opinion.” Read the full case study.


“A 54-year-old female presented with obvious advanced cancer. The two-week wait (2WW) referral had been done. I tried ringing 2WW but because this line is not staffed by a clinician, I was unable to move the appointment from 14 days and the patient was deteriorating. When using Phone Advice & Guidance, I was put through to one of the gynaecologists within seconds and they arranged for the patient to be scanned that day and given appropriate follow-up treatment. An acute admission was avoided, and the patient was given the care they needed.” Read the full case study.


“I used Consultant Connect to get specialist phone advice about alternative medication to Carbamazepine for my patient. I was connected to a neurologist from outside of our area. Following a discussion with the neurologist, patient and her family, we agreed she would try Phenytoin. However, she had to stop the medication after two weeks due to side effects. With the neurologist’s advice, I felt confident enough to stop Phenytoin and try Carbamazepine again. Her symptoms improved within two weeks, there was no deterioration in her sodium levels.” Read the full case study.


“I saw a baby who was relatively well. He had a slight cold but the mother was worried. The examination was largely uninformative apart from an oxygen saturation of 82%. I decided to discuss my findings with a paediatrician who immediately told me to send the child in! The child ended up in hospital for four days and was treating for the infection on site. The point is, apart from the low sats, the baby was as good as normal. Using Phone Advice & Guidance that day was crucial. If I hadn’t had the conversation with the specialist, it’s very likely that the baby would have ended up as a 999 all from home later.” Read the full case study.

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