Top 3 Most Read Blogs Last Month

Published: 7th May 2020
The following articles have made it to our top 3 “most read” articles in April 2020. Have you read them all yet?

In case you missed them, below are last month’s top three most read blog articles:

1. Planning for a new ‘normal’ in the NHS

We’re not through it yet, but maybe it’s the end of the beginning. We heard from a number of front line clinicians in areas that have been hard hit by COVID early on. All of them said that admissions seem to have slowed significantly.  We also heard from clinicians who had been expected to be deployed to the front line as the crisis worsened, but haven’t been. They now expect to be delivering a ‘normal’ service again in a few weeks. We think there are two main changes to ‘normal’ that will last. Read more…

2. Is the NHS looking for a recovery or a restart?

Is the NHS looking for a recovery or a restart? This week there can be no doubts: thoughts have turned to what the NHS does after this first wave of COVID. It’s going to be tough. But there’s an upside, too. Read on…


3. Swansea Bay project goes live in record time!

Consultant Connect’s Telephone Advice & Guidance service has been rolled out in record time reports the Swansea Bay University Heath Board News.  The service will focus on COVID-19 inquiries, along with others relating to four medical specialties. Swansea Bay is the first Welsh Health Board to launch the service with more Health Boards expected to follow. Read more…

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