Consultant Connect – Area Results After 7 Months

Published: 17th March 2016

shutterstock_114189103We recently completed a review of Consultant Connect’s performance over 7 months in a Southern CCG area. The following is a snapshot of the results:

  • Number of specialties on the system: 5
  • Number of calls made over the 7 month period: > 1,000
  • Typical wait time for GP to be connected with local specialty consultant: 48s
  • % of calls resulting in patient avoiding an unnecessary trip to hospital: 72%
  • % of users who feel that Consultant Connect is good for healthcare: > 95%
  • % of users who feel that Consultant Connect helps GPs and consultants work better together: > 95%

During the review, we also asked GPs and consultants to tell us about a typical call to Consultant Connect. Here are a few of their responses:


  • I was concerned about a patient’s deteriorating renal function and wondered whether they needed emergency admission. The consultant advised an alternative course of action which was successful and avoided an admission.
  • Confirmed patient management plan.
  • Has helped in the interpretation of blood results and their significance, has prevented at least one referral.
  • Elderly care. Outpatient MRI organised by consultant, who followed up with patient afterwards. Great service.
  • I didn’t think patient needed referral but they were unhappy with this. By speaking to a consultant with the patient present and the consultant agreeing they didn’t need to be seen, the patient accepted GP management.
  • Cardiology – confirmed the need for a NON-urgent referral.


  • Anticoagulation decisions, drug doses and advice.
  • Advice on test results to avoid referral, decide on treatment or guide next step in investigations. All also have an educational element for the GPs.
  • Interpretation of results. Advice re further investigation.
  • Advice on urgency of referral handling of abnormal imaging results and blood tests.
  • What to do with TFT, how to treat thyroiditis, what to do with low cortisol.

If you would like to know more about these results or about how Consultant Connect could reduce unnecessary hospital attendances in your area, email us on or call us on 01865 261451.

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