Clinical User Survey Feedback: Nov 16 – Apr 17

Published: 7th June 2017

Since our first project launched in June 2015, we have surveyed users across all our projects regularly. Although we ask all sorts of questions about the service, we’re really looking to find out two things:

  • Is it useful? and
  • Do you like it?

The questions you see at the top of this article are our “satisfaction rating” – they are amongst the most important numbers in our organisation. Read on their own they give a good indication of how useful the service is and whether clinicians like it.

But numbers only tell part of the story. All survey respondents are invited to share their comments on the service so that we can report back to commissioners and Trusts. Here are some examples of feedback from the last 6 months:

GP Feedback

  • I think this is a very useful service, thank you very much.
  • Game changing – thank you. Being able to ask questions beyond my knowledge and understanding has made a difference to my patient care many times.
  • It has been so helpful to discuss difficult problems, in real time with a specialist, often with the patient in the room.
  • Very helpful. It has avoided admissions and also been educationally beneficial.
  • Saves time and ensures appropriate treatment and referrals.
  • The best service to come out of the trust for 20 years. Well done. I am very pleased with the service.
  • It provides speed of access to advice whilst the patient is sat with me in the room.
  • Consultant Connect has repeatedly stopped me referring patients. I have the confidence not to refer after speaking to an experienced and helpful consultant.
  • Thank you for providing this service. I find it invaluable and feel that it often helps me to de-escalate my own worries whilst helping intelligent navigation of the hospital departments which can prove very beneficial for patients.
  • As a registrar it really boosts my confidence, and helps with my training to be able to ask for specialist advice.
  • Very valuable service – much appreciated.
  • It was excellent and very easy to use.
  • I got very helpful advice instantly.
  • Very useful, quick advice when required which resulted in better planning for patients requiring more acute hospital review.
  • We all find the service really helpful.

Consultant Feedback

  • Good teamwork between primary/secondary care which resulted in an excellent patient outcome.
  • I think this service is valuable and well used by GPs, and is another tier of support for them to “try” and avoid admission or referral in complex or chronic patients.
  • Overall a worthwhile exercise as it improves the quality and timeliness of patient care.
  • I think it is a good system which will help avoid acute admissions.
  • Excellent initiative – back to the old days when speaking person to person made much more sense
  • All excellent!
  • Some excellent communications.
  • I really like Consultant Connect. My work with GPs in the community highlights the need for a service such as this and Consultant Connect does it with simplicity. I’m aware how much they appreciate it.
  • It’s amazing how some simple advice can put the GP and patient’s mind at rest and avoid an unnecessary referral. Benefit for me as a three minute phone call keeps work off my desk.
  • This replicates the much more efficient system in place before: speaking to GPs on the phone. Immediate and cuts out a lot of work.

An updated copy of our Nov16 – Apr 17 benchmarking document can be downloaded here: Specialty Benchmarking 1704 Apr 170606a

If you would like to discuss how Consultant Connect can help GPS work more closely with their secondary care colleagues in your area, please call on 01865 261467 or email

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