Better than private – when GPs work well with consultants

Published: 5th August 2015

When you are asked to quantify how well a project or initiative has worked, the simplest answer is probably related to money. Return on investment, profitability, cash flow, return on capital – all of these are an easy thumbs-up or thumbs-down to a numbers person. We’re as guilty of it as anyone else at Consultant Connect, developing basic business cases for customers that focus on the payback (it covers its costs and delivers a reduction in spending from day one, since you ask).

But sometimes we come across people who aren’t obsessed with money and, for them, we run surveys asking how users feel about Consultant Connect. These surveys are entirely anonymous, so they generate some forthright opinions and attract a good number of responses (for example, a survey we carried out last week got responses from more than two thirds of the consultants using the system).

At the end of each survey we ask 2 big questions:

  1. Does Consultant Connect improve the way GPs work with hospital consultants?
  1. Is Consultant Connect good for healthcare in you area?

In last week’s survey, 100% of GPs and consultants using the system said “yes”, Consultant Connect means they are working better together and that this is good for healthcare in their area. GP comments included “very pleased with this service and quick advice” and “provided good clinical advice for how to manage the patient in the community”. Some consultant comments were “I would be happy to receive more calls” and “I welcome [Consultant Connect]”.

Perhaps the best comment on the non-financial benefits of Consultant Connect came from a Practice Manager, who had called us with a query. He said, “I love the system, it makes us better than private. Name a private [healthcare provider] who can give the patient specialist hospital advice over the phone like that… there isn’t one”. And maybe that’s the biggest benefit of all, giving GPs the tools to do the job better than private providers.”

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