About Consultant Connect

Consultant Connect is changing the way clinicians interact with their colleagues in hospitals and other secondary care services. The system results in a genuine joining together of primary and secondary care, which is better for patients, clinicians and the NHS.

We are delivering Consultant Connect in 50 areas in the UK, covering more than 13.5 million patients and over 2,000 GP practices.

The performance data we are gathering provides us with unrivalled insight into the effectiveness of Advice & Guidance across specialties and across UK regions. This allows us to fine-tune our service to suit the needs of each individual area we work with and drives our innovation towards increasing integration between clinicians across the healthcare environment, widening access to NHS services and improving patient care. From the evidence we have gathered, we strongly believe that Advice & Guidance is best delivered through real-time conversation between clinicians.

In addition to our Advice & Guidance service, we also offer a clinical photography feature called PhotoSAF which can be accessed via the Consultant Connect App.

The Consultant Connect team brings together professionals with backgrounds in medicine, consultancy, technology, governance and health service provision. Together, we have decades of experience in using new technology to improve organisational efficiency, remove barriers, and improve the delivery of healthcare.

Our Mission & Values

We work closely with health care providers to adapt clinical service pathways to make them more effective and more efficient for patients and providers. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality and best practice and to meeting and exceeding our compliance to all standards across the healthcare sector.

Our business is built on 4 key aims:

Drive innovation

We have a key part to play in driving innovation, efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare provision through the use of new technology and/or new ways of working with existing technology.

Focus on quality

We will always seek to ensure that the products and services we offer are the very best solution in the market. We will constantly engage with commissioners, providers and patients to understand and meet their needs.

Lead change

The way healthcare is organised is often inefficient for commissioners and frustrating for patients. We work with commissioners, providers and clinicians to improve healthcare provision in the UK.

Focus on our Customers

We will constantly engage with commissioners, providers and clinicians to understand and deliver on their needs.