Top 5 most read blog articles

Published: 22nd August 2019
With the summer holidays upon us, you might be looking for some interesting reading to browse through whilst taking a break. In this post, we highlight our top 5 of most read blog articles.

The following articles have made it into our top 5 “most read”, according to our website reports. Have you read them all yet?

1. The seven advantages of delivering follow-up consultations over the phone

The ambition of the NHS Long Term Plan, to reduce face-to-face appointments by a third, is a massive challenge. One of the main methods for achieving it is going to be by delivering thousands of follow-up appointments through different channels. Video is one option, but phone is likely to be a far better choice due to its simplicity and familiarity with clinicians and patients. Read more…

2. Neurology: from 100-day challenge to business as usual

The solutions in the interim people plan will take time to show results but, in the meantime, technology can help healthcare professionals work more effectively right now. It’s been reported that up to two in every 10 acute medical admissions are for a neurological issue. How has the use of networks in North East Essex helped to improve neurology services? Read more…


3. 2 rules for guaranteed success with Advice & Guidance

If you give GPs a choice of telephone or written advice, they will ask for advice far more often than if they only had one option. That is why all our projects sit alongside e-RS written advice. And, as it happens, the factors that make a Consultant Connect project a success are the same for e-RS and there are 2 golden rules for success. Read more…

4. 8 high-achieving NHS areas where communication is improving patient care

Ever wondered how better communication is being used to improve healthcare around the country? This article highlights examples of projects aimed at transforming outpatients, reducing A&E attendance, avoiding unnecessary ambulance conveyances, improving 2WW dermatology, discharge management and more. Read more…

5. What is Enhanced Advice & Guidance?

If you’re going to hit the Long Term Plan target of outpatient appointments reduced by 30%, you need Enhanced Advice & Guidance. Enhanced Advice & Guidance is e-RS advice PLUS telephone advice and photo-message advice. Supported by out-of area consultants who can make sure calls are answered and messages returned within a few hours. Read more…

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