Messaging Advice & Guidance

Clinicians use messaging for group or clinician-to-clinician pre-referral advice. Messaging can be accessed via the Consultant Connect App or in your browser. Photos and files can also be securely attached to messages.

Accessing IG-secure messaging:

On Consultant Connect in your browser
Tap the ‘Messages’ menu icon, and then the ‘New Message’ button and follow the simple steps:

Messaging Advice & Guidance - Consultant Connect

On the Consultant Connect App:
Tap the ‘Messages’ icon at the bottom of your screen and follow the simple steps:

Messaging Advice & Guidance - Consultant Connect

Key features

  • Accessible via any web-enabled device
  • Push notifications
  • Securely saved conversations
  • Downloadable PDFs of messages
  • Outcomes recorded
  • Attach image file(s) to messages



Service performance

  • 56 NHS areas covered
  • Over 250,000 messages answered
  • Over 64% of messages result in patients avoiding an unnecessary trip to hospital
  • 75% of messages are responded to within 24 hours



- Consultant Connect

Use in practice

We spoke with a GP and an advanced nurse practitioner in Kent & Medway to find out how Messaging A&G has improved their working methods.

‘Messaging A&G is easy to use and gives me specialist input quickly for my decision-making. It is reassuring to know that help is available at the touch of a button.’

We recently interviewed Dr Gupta, Paediatrics Consultant at Grange University Hospital in Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, Wales. He talks to us about his experience of answering Advice & Guidance queries through the service, including how they have a messaging option for non-urgent queries from GPs.

‘Clinicians use the Consultant Connect App to phone or message us. The messages are routed to our specialty inbox.’

How it works

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