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Join our
Mental Health 
National Network

Join our Mental Health National Network

We are looking for more clinicians to join our Mental Health National Network to provide clinicians across the UK with telephone-based advice and guidance.  Specifically, we are recruiting for:

  • CAMHS Psychiatrists
  • Adult Psychiatrists
  • Pharmacists
  • CAMHS Mental Health Nurse Prescribers
  • Adult Mental Health Nurse Prescribers

Get paid per call answered

Flexible – pick & choose which clinical sessions work for you!

What we offer

We offer two telephone-based advice and guidance services to support clinicians with prescribing in primary care:

  • One for children and young people with mental health problems;
  • One for working-age adults with mental health problems.

We understand the importance of keeping young people and adults managed in primary care where it is clinically appropriate to do so and reducing the number of people unnecessarily added to long waiting lists in secondary care.

Supporting clinicians

Specifically, you will be supporting clinicians with:

  • Medication reviews
  • Potential interactions between drugs and side effects
  • Primary care prescribing
  • Confirming NICE guidance

How it works

  • All clinicians who are part of our network work this around their day job
  • You will be paid a fee per phone call answered
  • All calls are to provide telephone-based advice and guidance
  • You can decide which days you are available to join our rota (which currently operates Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm and is split into two clinical sessions – 9am to 1pm, and 1pm to 5pm)
  • All calls arrive from a single inbound number – your number is never disclosed to clinicians
  • You are not required to answer calls if you are busy

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