Using Consultant Connect for Dermatology Advice & Guidance

Published: 21st April 2022
We share key results from our teledermatology projects in this article. Over 70,000 patients have benefitted from our service resulting in savings to the NHS of more than £7.8 million.

Our teledermatology service has handled over 600,000 photos over the last 3 years. Primary care clinicians can use the PhotoSAF feature on the Consultant Connect App to share high-quality, IG secure images from a mobile phone directly with Consultant Dermatologists for Advice & Guidance. This helps to reduce unnecessary hospital visits and speed up patient care.

Dermatoscopes are also being used alongside the PhotoSAF feature. Once a dermatoscope is connected to a clinician’s smartphone, they can use the Consultant Connect App and tap the PhotoSAF icon to start taking IG secure dermatology photos. The PhotoSAF feature is also compatible when used with dermatoscopes for 2WW work.

Where local Dermatologists are available, they are able to respond to queries from local primary care clinicians. Where no local teams are available, NHS areas are able to use consultants on the National Consultant Network (NCN). The NCN comprises a UK national network of NHS consultants who answer calls and/or respond to written requests for advice, they can:

  • Support local consultants, acting as back up when they can’t respond to requests; and/or
  • Provide specialties that are not available locally; or
  • Answer all Advice & Guidance queries from primary care

Read the key results from Consultant Connect dermatology projects below or click here to download the PDF.

Case studies: Using Consultant Connect for Dermatology Advice & Guidance

“My first Photo Advice & Guidance query via Consultant Connect generated a management plan response in 1 hour.Dr Hebbes, Doctor in NHS Warwickshire North CCG area

(Consultant Connect) is more efficient, timely and uses less staff. Had my condition been more serious, I would have got the treatment I needed at an earlier date, and on that basis, I suspect it is more economical as well.” Patient, Betsi Cadwaladar University Health Board area

“I was able to share the image with the consultant and I received a response within the hour containing their clinical advice. Putting the patient forward for a 2ww referral was the best result for the patient because it fast tracked the referral and meant the condition was being managed efficiently.” Dr Photiou, GP in NHS Coventry and Rugby CCG area

For me as a clinician, it (Consultant Connect) helps to reduce the level of risk that I hold. It provides reassurance for me and is a useful tool to learn, to inform future patient outcomes.Dr Goyal, GP in NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG area

“The rapid service meant that the dermatologist was able to provide the correct diagnosis and the correct treatment. Within 3 days the patient’s rash had settled.” Dr Grossmark, GP in NHS North Central London CCG area

“I get rapid answers to diagnostic queries and management plans, within minutes. This streamlines the process for both patient and clinician, with fewer steps to get the same result. Very quick and easy to use – even for someone who is not technologically minded. Also, the system is very secure.” Dr Linney, GP in Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board area

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