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Moving your SDEC pathways to Consultant Connect

We know Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) processes are not always the same at every hospital, meaning the clinician and patient often need to wait a considerable amount of time to get through to the SDEC team and navigate the patient to the right service, first time.

That’s why more of our NHS partners are moving their SDEC access to Consultant Connect to provide a single referral route and point of access for ambulance teams and primary care clinicians to navigate SDEC patients.

Consultant Connect provides over 20 NHS areas with a fast and streamlined communications route to SDEC units.

Sdec: Growth And Impact Consultant Connect

47% of calls result in patients avoiding A&E and being directed to the right place first time

*For calls with reported outcomes

Growth and Impact

We’ve crunched the numbers to reveal the impressive impact and growth of SDEC lines available via Consultant Connect.

  • The number of NHS areas enabling access to SDEC pathways via Consultant Connect increased from 9 to 32.
  • Monthly call volumes have nearly doubled – 3047 calls placed in August 2023 compared to 1931 calls placed in August 2022.
  • 47% of calls with reported outcomes resulted in the patient being navigated to the right place, first time and avoiding A&E.

Learn more about the impact Consultant Connect in our latest Enhanced Advice & Guidance Performance Benchmarks.

SDEC in South East London

Moving SDEC access to Consultant Connect enabled us to offer a standardised process for all, a single referral route, a single point of access, and audit and monitoring of referral activity demand and outcomes. It also provided an understanding and oversight of options offered by other specialties and services, which helps offer more joined up care plan for patients and provide the most appropriate options available to them.’

Read more to see how South East London ICB have set up links to efficiently route GPs to their SDEC services, allowing for a more specialised approach when it comes to treating patients requiring urgent medical care.

5 minutes with… a Dental Practitioner - Consultant Connect
Sdec: Growth And Impact Consultant Connect

5 minutes with… a hospital ACP Lead for Divisional Medicine

‘Clinicians can speak with the appropriate person, often gaining near-immediate insight and advice into the management of the patient sat in front of them, which can result in an avoidance of an unnecessary admission.’

Since December 2021, Primary Care Clinicians in the Doncaster and Bassetlaw area and Ambulance staff from Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust have had access to a SDEC line via Consultant Connect. Read more to find out the many benefits for the Trust.

Area Case Study | Mental Health Pathway in Greater Glasgow & Clyde

As an example, if the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) or Police Scotland are attending a patient’s home and need advice about the patient’s mental health issues, they can contact the Mental Health Assessment Units (MHAUs) to discuss and agree a plan for the MHAU either to attend the patient’s home or SAS/Police Scotland can bring the patient directly to the MHAU for a mental health assessment rather than attending the ED which was the pathway pre COVID-19.’

Find out more about the benefits of offering same day emergency mental health assessment via Consultant Connect.

Consultant Connect bridges communication between mental health and acute care in South London in first-of-its-kind project - Consultant Connect

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