Experts discussed ‘Putting PIFU into practice’ at a recent webinar

Published: 30th November 2021
NHS clinical leads who have successfully implemented Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU) services offer practical ideas to help other providers.
Experts discussed ‘Putting PIFU into practice’ at a recent webinar - Consultant Connect

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During this webinar, NHS clinical leads shared how they have put Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU) into practice at their Trusts. Questions covered during the webinar included:

  • Why did the speakers decide to change how they managed their helplines and use Consultant Connect?
  • What structures /processes/staffing did they set up to support the service?
  • How has the service impacted staff wellbeing and patient care?

At the end of the webinar, we asked the speakers for their one piece of advice for other NHS areas setting up a  PIFU service. Here’s their response:

“I would just say it’s all about the team, make sure you’ve got the right team in place and that they’re really invested in making it work, because if everyone knows their role to play in it and why they’re doing it, then actually you know, it should work and then the patients should get a good experience.” Dr Carolyn Bell, Consultant Rheumatologist, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust.

“I think being open-minded first of all, it (Consultant Connect) streamlines your service, makes it more efficient. Certainly, from the patient’s point of view, imagine being able to share your worries and fears about your condition, answered by the right person in a short time.  I think it to me that is more important than anything else.” Hüseyin Hüseyin, Clinical Operational Lead – Neurology, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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Our PIFU solution is straightforward, quick, and easy to implement and uses the IG secure and robust Consultant Connect platform to deliver the pathway reliability your patients will demand. For more information, please read our guide here.

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