Impact of Neurology Triage

Published: 22nd August 2023
In this article, we share an example of how our consultant-led Referral Triage and Validation service is being used to reduce neurology waiting lists.
neurology triage

Did you know ‘remote locum’ NHS neurology consultants from our National Consultant Network (NCN) can be brought in on an ‘on demand’ basis to triage your neurology referrals and/or review and validate overdue follow-up lists?

Our clinically-led Referral Triage and Validation service uses the clinical expertise of NHS consultants across 17 specialties, including neurology, from the National Consultant Network (NCN).

They can help make sure that only those patients who need hospital are on the waiting list and that all patients get the treatment they need as quickly as possible.

The ‘remote locum’ NHS consultants are briefed to follow local pathways and protocols, under the leadership of the local clinical leads, and are able to triage and validate waiting list backlogs in bulk and/or new referrals as they come in. They can also be brought in to review and validate follow up lists to ensure patients are seen/discharged in the most appropriate way (e.g. face-to-face, virtual, discharged to PIFU pathways etc.).

Triaging and validating referrals ensures that patients are prioritised, and those cases that can safely be returned to primary care are provided with a full management plan.

Our Referral Triage and Validation service can be switched on at pace, meaning the impact on patient care is immediate. The below outcome data is from an NHS area who recently used the service to clear a backlog of over 1,000 neurology referrals:

58% of referrals were safely removed from the waiting list, including:

  • 52% returned to primary care with a detailed management plan and advice
  • 5% redirected to another service
  • 1% redirected to the first fit service

42% of referrals were directed to the right place, first time:

  • 24% accepted to general clinics
  • 14% accepted to specialist clinics
  • 4% upgraded to urgent


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