Press Release: Burma Skincare Initiative uses UK technology to transform patient care

Published: 19th March 2024
Burma Skincare Initiative using Consultant Connect is set to revolutionise healthcare for people with severe skin conditions in Myanmar.
Burma Skincare Initiative uses UK technology to transform patient care

The UK’s most used teledermatology platform, Consultant Connect, has partnered with the Burma Skincare Initiative to revolutionise healthcare for people with severe skin conditions in Myanmar. 

The teledermatology platform is improving healthcare outcomes for those in remote communities by enabling communication between UK dermatology consultants and clinicians in Myanmar.

Using Consultant Connect’s technology, clinicians can share images and messages with dermatology experts in the UK to discuss cases. This improved communication leads to faster diagnosis and more effective treatment plans for patients in the most underserved areas. Many people in Myanmar struggle with access to healthcare and in these cases quick access to specialist advice could be the difference between life and death. 

Access to the service has also been made available for charities working in the country, including Medical Action Myanmar and The Leprosy Mission Myanmar.

The Burma Skincare Initiative is dedicated to tackling severe skin diseases in Myanmar. There are only three dermatology training and specialist care centres in Myanmar with fewer  than 100 dermatologists serving a population of 55 million people. 

For those with complex skin conditions, specialised care is not readily available with many needing to travel great distances. In some cases it can take many days for a patient to reach their nearest dermatology centre.

Jonathan Patrick, CEO at Consultant Connect said: “We are very pleased to support Burma Skincare Initiative with their work to make healthcare readily available in the country. Access to specialist quality healthcare is vitally important to improve outcomes for patients. As well as providing better patient care, the data gathered via the app will support the BSI team to develop training around common conditions.”

Chris Griffiths Burma Skincare Initiative said: “Our collaboration with Consultant Connect has been a game-changer for the management of skin disease in Myanmar. This has facilitated easy communication between clinicians in Myanmar and consultant dermatologists in the UK to rapidly arrive at diagnoses and treatment plans for patients.”

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