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Find out how NHS areas are using Consultant Connect to support their local needs. Read our Area case studies.

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Keeping patients out of hospital will be at the heart of this year’s strategy.

A good place to start is communications and that’s where we can help.

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Our technology platform is highly flexible and easily tailored to complement the services being provided in your local area – you can read some examples further below. Please talk to us about your local requirements: 01865 261 467 or

Some ‘winter ready’ services can be set up within 72 hours

Rapid prof-to-prof communications...

for ambulance staff, 111 teams, cross hospital, and community = right place, right time, improved patient care.

“Prof-to-prof has helped relationships between our crews and the hospital clinicians and it feels like we’re becoming a much more integrated team.” Read this guest article by Scottish Paramedic – Urgent care: why joint decision making is so important.


“The greatest benefit is to the patients who can often be given an appropriate alternative to having to wait in a crowded Emergency Department.” Find out how the use of Patient Connect helped avoid a hospital transfer for an elderly patient in a nursing home with a scalp wound.


It’s often still very difficult in the NHS to speak directly to the right person when timely advice is really needed – especially if a patient’s needs are complex or urgent. This is why we are working with more and more NHS areas to provide rapid and reliable communication by telephone, photo and messaging. It’s not just primary to secondary care communication that needs to be rapid. Find out more.



patient consultations/patient-initiated follow ups.

Patient-initiated follow ups (PIFU) is rapidly becoming a key part of discharging patients and ensuring outpatient appointments don’t get full of unnecessary follow-ups. Our PIFU solution is as straightforward as you would expect from Consultant Connect with two pathway options. The service can be set up within 1-2 weeks meaning it can have an impact this winter. Find out more.


self-isolating staff the opportunity to participate.

It is well recognised that significant numbers of consultants are themselves potentially clinically vulnerable from COVID-19. As with others in the clinically vulnerable population, they have been required to ‘shield’ during the pandemic. However, we have found that many shielding consultants across the UK are eager to continue to contribute their vast experience to the different components of service delivery.  Read to find out more.


SDEC, Frailty, Mental Health, and PAU responses.

In South East London Advice & Guidance technology enables clinicians to make joint medical decisions across various healthcare settings, and ultimately results in reduced unnecessary emergency department attendances. Find out how in this recent blog article.


Service Manager & Lead Nurse, Sally Shaw explains how the innovative GP Liaison service in Luton streamlines patient referrals and assessments. Read on to find out more.


Grange University Hospital in Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (UHB), Wales offer primary care two rapid Advice & Guidance options to help keep paediatric patient care in the community where possible. We interviewed Paediatrics Consultant Dr Nakul Gupta to find out more.


It is a fact that patients suffering serious mental health issues also have worse physical health outcomes. South London and Maudsley have provided their clinicians at the Mental Health Trust to over 80 physical specialties at the local physical health trusts to provide immediate advice when their patients need it. This is a simple solution that provides real improvements in patient care. Find out more.


The coronavirus has had a disproportionate impact on older people. In this blog article, we uncover how Consultant Connect’s rapid Advice & Guidance is being used across the UK by healthcare professionals – including GPs, Paramedics, Care Homes – to keep this patient cohort out of hospital, where appropriate. Find out more.

Back up...

your Advice & Guidance service with our ‘virtual’ NHS consultants.

The National Consultant Network (NCN) comprises ‘virtual’ NHS consultants from 20 different specialties who answer calls and/or respond to written requests for advice from GPs across the country. Find out more.


You can read case studies from ‘virtual’ NHS consultants and GPs speaking to NCN consultants to find out more.

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GPs in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Case System (SYB ICS) have been able to offer patients access to the Teladoc myStrength Emotional Wellness App from Consultant Connect. The app is commissioned by SYB ICS in partnership with Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield CCGs for people living in these areas, so is free to practices and patients in the area.

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Referral Triage | Outcomes and Impact

It’s well known that triaging all incoming referrals ensures the right pathways first time. But resourcing this approach can be tricky, especially if areas are also working through backlogs of referrals. Our Referral Triage service has been supporting systems across the country. This blog article reveals outcomes and impact for over 20,000 referral cases across 14 specialties.

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Consultant Connect meets operational / planning guidance 2022/23


Consultant Connect can help you meet the NHS priorities set out in the latest operational/planning guidance 2022/23. Solutions can be implemented very quickly and configured in a variety of ways to support your operational needs, plus all Advice & Guidance and triage activity data is captured and can be directly submitted to NHSE as part of your EROC data set.

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Patient leaflet - What is Advice & Guidance and how is it used for patients? 


This document includes information for NHS patients about what Advice & Guidance is and how GPs are using Advice & Guidance to get the best care for their patients.

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Ambulance services using Consultant Connect to improve communication


These four Ambulance services have all embraced the use of Consultant Connect’s communication platform to enhance their services, making things easier for their staff and most importantly, improving the patient’s experience.

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Following on from the elective recovery tech fund being made available via NHSE’s Targeted Investment Fund (TIF), NHSX has published a new directory: ‘Digital products that assist in elective recovery’. Consultant Connect is featured.

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