Urgent Connect Pilot – Area Results After 4 Months

Published: 17th March 2016

shutterstock_112067315Urgent Connect is the urgent care application of Consultant Connect. Unlike its sibling, which aims to reduce unnecessary elective referrals, Urgent Connect is focused on helping patients avoid A&E and the Emergency Room. GPs who think that a patient may need to attend A&E or be urgently admitted to hospital can call Urgent Connect first for advice on whether this is the right course of action.

For the past few months we have been running a number of Urgent Connect pilots in different parts of England. As urgent care provision is different from area to area, each of the pilots is arranged slightly differently.


This pilot offers GPs the following 3 options when they call Urgent Connect:

  • Connect with emergency consultants for Advice & Guidance
  • Connect with an Assessment Centre for signposting advice
  • Connect with an Admissions Nurse

At the end of each call, the users are able to rank the call outcomes as follows:

  • Patient treated out of hospital
  • Patient sent to Ambulatory Care
  • Patient admitted


We recently completed a review of this pilot. The following is a snapshot of the results:

  • Number of calls made over the 4 month period: > 800
  • Typical wait time for GP to be connected with local specialty consultant: 26s
  • % of calls resulting in patient being treated out of hospital: 18%
  • % of calls resulting in patient being sent to Ambulatory Care: 62%
  • % of calls resulting in patient being admitted: 20%

Of course, the headline is that 80% of calls resulted in the patient avoiding A&E or the Emergency Room.

During the review, we also asked GPs to tell us about a call to Urgent Connect. Here are a few of their responses:


  • It resulted in the patient having immediate treatment for unstable angina and prevented the patient having to be assessed in hospital.
  • Rapid response in urgent situation, consultant phoned my patient to arrange necessary tests & action.
  • Agreed with me the patient needed to be seen and advised me where.
  • Allowed for a streamlined admission.
  • Patient was referred into rapid assessment clinic rather than being admitted.
  • Very useful to have advice and prevented an admission.
  • A patient with low sodium. We were advised to wait and watch. Patient was admitted next day with deterioration.

If you would like to know more about these results or about how Urgent Connect could reduce demand on urgent care in your area, email us on info@www.consultantconnect.org.uk or call us on 01865 261451.

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