Urgent Care Pilots – Results after 8 months

Published: 4th July 2016

shutterstock_149334944Urgent Connect is the urgent care application of Consultant Connect. Unlike its sibling, which aims to reduce unnecessary elective referrals, Urgent Connect is focused on helping patients avoid A&E and the Emergency Room. GPs who think that a patient may need to attend A&E or be urgently admitted to hospital can call Urgent Connect first for advice on whether this is the right course of action.

We have been running two Urgent Connect pilots in different parts of England. As urgent care provision is different from area to area, each of the pilots is arranged slightly differently. The headline results for each pilot are as follows:

Pilot 1 – NE Essex CCG (data analysed 24 June 2016)

  • Project running since October 2015
  • 3 lines – A&E consultants, Signposting, Admissions
  • A&E consultant line data based on reported outcomes:
    • 18% patients treated out of hospital
    • 59% patients redirected to ambulatory care
    • 23% patients admitted
  • Very limited outcome data for the signposting and admissions lines (due to use of landlines, so no text feedback possible), but some evidence of both lines avoiding hospital and providing signposting services.

Pilot 2 – 2 x CCGs North of London feeding into 1 x Trust (data analysed 24 June 2016)

  • Project running since November 2015
  • 1 line – GP liaison service
  • Data based on reported outcomes:
    • 13% patients treated out of hospital
    • 87% patients either admitted or directed to ambulatory care (no distinction in feedback)
  • Project has been deemed a great success, was expanded to a neighbouring CCG at the end of the 6 month pilot and new lines offering connection to paediatrics consultants have just launched.

These results are extremely encouraging – by allowing GPs to access immediate Advice & Guidance, patients are being sent to the right place for their care first time and may even avoid hospital altogether.

We are launching three further Urgent Connect pilots in the next two months, each tailored to the Urgent Care requirements of the local area. We look forward to publishing this data in due course.

If you would like to find out more about piloting Urgent Connect in your area, please get in touch by calling 01865 261451 or by emailing info@www.consultantconnect.org.uk.

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