Phone Advice & Guidance

Used in Elective Care, Urgent Care and Mental Health

Phone Advice & Guidance allows GPs to contact local physical and mental health specialists directly and immediately. GPs can access the service using their mobile or landline. If using their mobile, they just tap on the Consultant Connect App icon to call. If using a landline, they dial a standard rate number.

The Advice & Guidance conversation is recorded for medico-legal purposes, making the service paper free.

The service supports NHS and social care integration, can be up and running in as little as 48 hours and produces a positive ROI within the first quarter. It’s estimated that Phone Advice & Guidance has saved the NHS over £10 million by ensuring that patients get the right treatment from the beginning.

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Consultant Connect and NGH
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Our Urgent Care solution featuring Luton and Dunstable Hospital - the #1 performing A&E in the UK

Improving healthcare provision across the board

Patients get quicker specialist advice and only attend hospital if it’s necessary

GPs access Advice & Guidance immediately and deliver the right care for their patients first time

Consultants and hospitals see a reduction in unnecessary referrals, reducing workload

CCGs save money by not paying for unnecessary referrals and deliver a better service for patients

In Elective Care 66% of calls result in a referral being avoided.
In Urgent Care 27% of calls avoid a hospital trip that day (attendance or admission).
In Mental Health 39% of calls result in a referral being avoided.

How Does Telephone Advice & Guidance Work?

GP seeks advice

A GP has a patient that might need referring to a specialist. The GP calls the service whilst the patient is still with them to obtain Advice and Guidance from a local specialist.

GP seeks advice

Call connected to specialty consultant

The call is put through to a “rota” of local specialty consultants, who are available to answer calls during that clinical session.

If a consultant on the rota does not answer the call, the call automatically loops through to the next consultant on the rota until the call is answered.

Call connected to specialty consultant

GP receives Advice & Guidance

The GP speaks with the consultant, who offers immediate Advice and Guidance, and helps decide the appropriate course of action for the patient.

At the end of the call, the GP and the consultant rate the call outcome, for example “referral made” or “referral avoided”. A recording of the call is stored in a secure vault for patient and medico-legal purposes.

GP receives Advice & Guidance


Typical Wait Time

Under 60 seconds

Typical Call Duration

3–5 minutes

Patient Outcome

>60% avoid a referral

GP Feedback

“It’s great talking to consultants again”

Consultant Feedback

“Significant reduction in unnecessary referrals”

Setup & Reporting

Specialist Clinicians

Hospitals identify teams of suitable clinicians in each specialty to answer the GP calls and add them to the system using a simple online interface.

Specialist Clinicians

The Rota

Clinicians are added or removed from each clinical session using a simple drag and drop.

Rotas can be managed by the specialty team or by our account managers.

The Rota

Dedicated Account Management

Because software is useless if not used, our team handles set-up, communication and on-going engagement with GPs and Consultants in each area, removing this burden from the CCG and the hospital.

We constantly monitor usage rates and stakeholder opinion and we can adapt the way the software is used in any area based on this feedback.

Consultant Connect is a service, not just another product.

Dedicated Account Management

Statistics, Recordings & Transcripts

Consultant Connect has a full reporting suite, allowing instantaneous access to real time call statistics and referrals data.

Users can see how many calls have been made from which GPs to which consultants.

Recordings of individual calls can be accessed for attachment to NHS patient records.

Call data brings transparency and simplicity to monitoring financial and patient impact.

Statistics, Recordings & Transcripts