Telederm in the NHS – how to take the best photos

Published: 16th October 2019
We have recently been working with NHS Dorset CCG to create a free guide for taking the best photos for Teledermatology. Read on to find out more.

Teledermatology depends on clinicians taking images that allow an accurate and rapid diagnosis.  That’s why we’ve worked with NHS Dorset CCG to create a guide. The guide is free for you to download and use – do share it with your GPs and other clinicians in your area.

To find out more about how NHS Dorset CCG uses the Consultant Connect App to significantly reduce unnecessary Dermatology referrals, watch this short video. Since the video was produced results of the service have improved further:

  • 70% of submitted cases do not need to be seen by Dermatology Services.
  • > 6,000 photographs have been taken via the Consultant Connect App.

Data correct as of September 2019.

Free download

Visit our downloads page to download this two page guide.

Why do medics love using the Consultant Connect App for Teledermatology?


GP Feedback

“A consultant dermatologist replied by e-RS to the image I sent saying “the attached photos are of super quality.” The dermatologist was able to comment on macroscopic and dermatoscopic features (as I had held my phone’s camera directly over a dermatoscope for one of the images) and to state that the lesion looked benign. The dermatologist suggested for a GP to see the patient again in four months to compare the mole with the images taken via PhotoSAF.” Dr Nathan Francis, GP, Wareham Surgery, Dorset

Nurse Feedback

“It is safe, secure and IG compliant, and I can use it to help make decisions about referrals.” Kirsty Wilkinson, Nurse, Minor Injury Unit at Blairgowrie Community Hospital, Tayside

Advanced Paramedic Practitioner Feedback

“During home visits I use PhotoSAF to record unusual rashes where the diagnosis is not clear-cut. I also use it to take photos when I deal with wounds in the community, such as skin tears or minor burns, so that our Community and Practice Nurses can compare healing during the patient’s ongoing care.” Pete Roberts, Advanced Paramedic Practitioner, Milton Keynes

More information

If you have any questions about the above guide or teldermatology via the Consultant Connect App, please contact us on 01865 261467 or by email on

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