Report: Primary Care Today and Tomorrow

Published: 23rd November 2016

shutterstock_520948531Deloitte has just published a report entitled “primary care today and tomorrow: adapting to survive”.

You can access a copy of the report by clicking here: primary-care-today-tomorrow-2016

Consultant Connect is mentioned on page 24 of the document under the “implementation of new care models aimed at more integrated ways of working”. The document states:

“Integration is central to the reform efforts being implemented across the NHS, including the NHS vanguards, yet progress made by the 50 vanguards established since 2015, has been variable. While all share a high level of enthusiasm and commitment in trying to develop new ways of working, progress has been faster in some areas than others. There is a clear recognition of the need to do things differently and not just deliver more of the same…

…While it is too early to tell how the models will evolve or the potential scale of wider adoption, Figure 17 in the document highlights emerging benefits from one example of each primary care vanguards” [Note: there are 3 types of primary care vanguard spread across the 50 vanguard sites]

Consultant Connect is the example highlighted for the “multi specialty community provider” type of vanguard:

“Stockport Together

Using ‘Consultant Connect’, GPs in Stockport can access real-time specialist advice from consultants at the local hospital, during patient appointments if appropriate. Consultant Connect was initially launched with haematology and endocrinology specialists, but was later extended to paediatrics, cardiology, elderly medicine and gastroenterology. It also provides GPs with direct access to a specialist IBD nurse practitioner. Introducing the service has led to a reduction in access times for GPs to consultants, from 3-4 weeks to instant telephone access, and as a result has led to the provision of more timely care and advice as well as the avoidance of unnecessary referrals and admissions for patients.” 

We’re very pleased to have been mentioned as one of only three vanguard examples in the report. Naturally, it’s quite a big document but more succinct than these reports usually are. It is worth reading the Executive Summary and Part 4, which covers what a sustainable model for primary healthcare might look like.

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