PhotoSAF Sharing

Safe clinical photography plus seamless Advice & Guidance for photos

PhotoSAF is our clinical photo feature available within the Consultant Connect App.
The app is free to clinicians within participating CCG areas. Taking high quality images with PhotoSAF is easy. Plus, the service is Information-Governance secure and GDPR compliant. Images can be downloaded from the secure cloud and saved to the patient record or sent to other clinicians or specialists using secure tools such as e-RS and

PhotoSAF Sharing PhotoSAF Sharing allows immediate sharing of images and relevant notes with specialty teams (for example: Wound Care, E.N.T, Dermatology) – making it the quickest and easiest process for Advice & Guidance for photos.

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The PhotoSAF and PhotoSAF Sharing solutions

Improving healthcare provision across the board

Patients gets quicker specialist advice and only attend hospital if it’s necessary

GPs can access immediate photo Advice & Guidance and deliver the right care for their patients first time

Consultants and hospitals see a reduction in unnecessary referrals, reducing workload

CCGs save money by not paying for unnecessary referrals and deliver a better service for patients

How does PhotoSAF and PhotoSAF Sharing work?

Clinician takes photo

A clinician has a patient that might need referring to hospital. The clinician takes photos using PhotoSAF on their mobile and adds the NHS number and any notes. Images are stored automatically in an IG-secure cloud and not on the phone.

Images can be downloaded and saved to a patient record or sent to other clinicians using e-RS or If PhotoSAF Sharing is enabled photos and notes can be shared instantly by clicking the Share option.

Clinician takes photo

PhotoSAF Sharing enables images to be shared immediately with specialists

By clicking on the Share option, photos and notes are sent to local specialty teams immediately. The transfer is highly secure and GDPR-compliant. It’s also an intuitive process with no training required.

Responding specialist clinicians can answer the request anywhere - on their mobile, iPad® or desktop - in under a minute using a secure inbox.

PhotoSAF Sharing enables images to be shared immediately with specialists PhotoSAF Sharing enables images to be shared immediately with specialists

Clinician receives Advice & Guidance

The clinician receiving the advice can raise any queries.

The case is closed by either clinician and the outcome recorded for example “referral made” or “referral avoided”.

Clinician receives Advice & Guidance

Setup & Reporting

Specialist Clinicians

For PhotoSAF Sharing there is a set up process that is simple - hospitals identify teams of suitable clinicians in each specialty to answer the clinician requests and these clinicians are added to the system using a simple online interface.

Specialist Clinicians

Statistics, Recordings & Transcripts

Consultant Connect has a full reporting suite, allowing instantaneous access to real time statistics and referrals data.

Depending on permission, users can see all photo activity on a GP, Practice, CCG or Trust basis. This can be used for patient records, for finance, for ROI and for improving patient care, etc.

This brings transparency and simplicity to monitoring financial and patient impact.

Statistics, Recordings & Transcripts

Dedicated Account Management

Because a service is useless if not used, our team handles set-up, communication and on-going engagement with GPs and specialists in each area, removing this burden from the CCG and the hospital.

We constantly monitor usage rates and stakeholder opinion and we can adapt the way the service is used in any area based on this feedback.

Dedicated Account Management