5 most read winter articles

Published: 22nd October 2019
It will soon be hard to get through a week without the press commenting on winter pressures in the NHS. Indeed, at Consultant Connect it’s a topic that features frequently on our blog. We break the challenges down into smaller, manageable chunks offering proven approaches for areas to consider.

In case you missed them first time round, we have used our website analytics to select the top 5 “most read” winter themed blog posts:

1. Why it’s not too late to tackle winter pressures

The five-year funding plan and Long Term Plan have reintroduced some strategic direction and much-needed resource to certain parts of the NHS. There’s no doubt that in the long run these will help ease “year-round” winter pressures, but what can be done in the meantime that will have an immediate impact on this coming winter? Read more…

2. How can we best prepare for the challenges of winter 2019/20 in the NHS?

With only a handful of major providers currently meeting the four-hour A&E standard – and a thorough upheaval of standards planned – the picture on unplanned care performance is complicated to say the least. Factor in the creation of primary care networks, not to mention the planned evolutions of all sustainability and transformation partnerships into integrated care systems, and it becomes more complicated still. All that before we consider the looming winter, which may be particularly challenging in light of the bad flu season which afflicted Australia this year. So, how can we best prepare for the challenges of winter 2019 in the NHS? Read more…


3. Avoiding Hospital for the Elderly this Winter

In July 2019, The Royal College of Emergency Medicine published its Winter Flow Report for 2018/19. The report states that, between 2011-2012 and 2017-2018, there was a “477% increase in the number of patients stranded in an Emergency Department [in England] for more than 12 hours.” This is a worrying trend which “can be observed in each of the nations of the UK.” How is this is affecting Elderly Care? How can Telephone Advice & Guidance help address this? Read more…

4. Switch on / switch off additional consultant resource this winter

One of the biggest challenges for hospitals delivering an Advice & Guidance service is staffing it – particularly during winter. The good news is that there’s now a way you can “switch on / switch off” additional consultant resource this winter. This was a problem faced by Steve Burnett, Assistant General Manager for Specialty Medicine at East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust. Steve commented “Obviously I can’t magically give consultants more time to answer their phone, so we looked at other possible solutions.” Read more…

5. Worried about winter in the NHS? Experts answered your questions

NHS experts from NHS Luton CCG, South East London CCGs and The King’s Fund shared their top tips for easing all-year winter pressures during our recent “Worried about Winter?” webinar. During the Q&A section of the webinar, delegates asked some interesting questions to the panel. Read more…

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