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Published: 24th February 2020
The following articles have made it to our top 3 “most read” articles in February 2020, according to our website reports. Have you read them all yet?

The following articles have made it to our top 3 “most read” articles in February 2020. Have you read them all yet?

1. Implementing NHS Rightcare’s Headache and Migraine Toolkit

In the first week of January 2020, the national press covered the launch of NHS Rightcare’s Headache and Migraine Toolkit. The Times reported that “Britain’s ten million migraine sufferers will be told to keep “headache diaries” to chart their attacks while GPs will have hotlines to access specialist advice and cut down on hospital visits.” The Toolkit identifies system improvement priorities and supports these with more detailed, actionable recommendations. One of these improvement priorities is “making appropriate referrals to secondary care”. Read on…

2. The 2 rules for guaranteed success with Advice & Guidance

You may not know this, but all our projects sit alongside e-RS written advice. Why? Because if you give GPs and other clinicians a choice of telephone or written advice, they will ask for advice far more often than if they only had one option. As it happens, the factors that make a Consultant Connect project a success are the same for e-RS. In fact, there are 2 golden rules for success. Read on…


3. Using out-of-area NHS consultants to support Advice & Guidance

One of the biggest challenges for hospitals delivering an Advice & Guidance service is staffing it – particularly during winter. Whether the requests come in from GPs by phone or in writing, most clinicians are expected to respond whilst also doing their day job. At the end of the day, the problem can be solved by more staff. And, for many specialties, those staff don’t have to be based at your hospital. This allows consultants from other areas who have availability to take advice calls and written requests from your GPs. That is why we created the National Network of specialists over a year ago to support your GPs. Read on…

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