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Published: 3rd December 2019
The following articles have made it to our top 5 “most read” articles in November 2019, according to our website reports. Have you read them all yet?

The following articles have made it to our top 5 “most read” articles in November 2019, according to our website reports. Have you read them all yet?

1. NHS Business Case Example

Getting a new initiative signed off in the NHS is naturally complicated, after all there are a lot of different proposals out there. Writing a strong business case can make all the difference. We have seen a lot of business cases over the years and the anonymised one you can download in this post is a great example – especially as it’s recently been approved. Read more…

2. Advice from Emergency Consultants one phone call away – NHS Tayside Health Board a year on

Since October 2018, GPs, Paramedics and Junior Doctors in Tayside were given access to immediate telephone advice & guidance from Emergency Consultants at Ninewells Hospital. How has the service been performing and what has the feedback been? Read more…


3. How to spend it – Surprise winter NHS money

We recently met with a CCG director. She was saying that, after the most financially challenged year in their history, the CCG was expecting some money to become available this winter. The catch? It would require a business plan in double-quick time and a project that could impact the current winter pressures. Where do you find one of those, she asked? Read more…

4. Want to DOUBLE Advice & Guidance usage? World’s shortest blog

If you want to double Advice & Guidance usage, offer your GPs both written advice over e-RS and telephone advice over Consultant Connect. Read more…

5. “Tell us about a call” – How GPs use Consultant Connect to benefit patients

Out of all the feedback we get at Consultant Connect, hearing from clinicians using the service is arguably the most valuable. The thousands of survey responses we have received over the years from GPs have given us some incredible insights into how Advice & Guidance is used in real life. The most interesting comments come from a question that we have been asking since our first ever user survey – “tell us about a call.” The answers we get to this question often include fascinating detail of how patients are benefitting from GPs using Advice & Guidance. Read more…

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