Immediate advice on mental health issues


During this free webinar experts from Centre for Mental Health, Rethink Mental Illness and West Midlands Combined Authority discussed: Mental Health Integration: What does it take to make it work? 

Supporting the right mental health referrals at the right time

By speedily connecting GPs and acute clinicians to mental health specialists, Consultant Connect supports the right referrals at the right time. The result is a reduction in system pressure, an increase in financial efficiencies, and better patient care.

Immediate advice on mental health issues

When a GP or acute clinician sees a patient that appears to have complex mental health needs, the natural inclination is often to refer to a specialist. Yet in many instances, an immediate conversation with a specialist can render a referral unnecessary – improving patient care and providing system efficiencies.

Consultant Connect’s technology platform enables that near-instant sharing of such advice and guidance over the phone.

The service is highly flexible and easily tailored to complement the mental health services being provided in the local area. And, because calls are generally routed to mobile phones, there is no need for specialists to be desk-based and no need to change job plans.

Finally, if local services are struggling to resource certain services, Consultant Connect can provide back-up capacity for areas such as Medication Advice, that do not necessarily need to be locally provided.

Better, more efficient, more cost effective care

  • For 39% of patients a secondary care referral is avoided – that rises to 78% when the call is about medication
  • Calls are answered so speedily that conversations can happen while the patient is still in the room
  • Calls are digitally recorded, allowing clinicians to refer back to conversations in future
  • Full activity and outcomes data is collected by Consultant Connect and provided to CCGs, trusts and GP practices, allowing effective audit and monitoring.
Additional specialist expertise – as and when it’s needed

When your local specialist clinicians are unable to take calls, our National Network for Mental Health can help. It’s made up of fully trained NHS psychiatrists, pharmacists and nurse prescribers. Not only can they answer calls when there is no capacity to do so locally, but they can also provide expertise in specialties that may not be available in your local mental health provider.

 Find out about our National Network for mental health.

Connecting any professional to specialist advice

No matter which professional has a need for immediate advice and guidance on mental health issues, Consultant Connect can help. That includes community workers, school mental health leads and any kind of clinician. Our most popular configurations in mental health are:

GP to Specialist or Specialist to GP

Referral and treatment advice lines:

  • Working age adult
  • Older adult

Medication / prescribing advice lines*:

  • Working age adult

Secondary Care Clinician to Secondary Care Clinician

Physical health co-morbidities referral, treatment & medication advice lines:

  • Working age adult
  • Older adult

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of calls about medication result in no need for referral to secondary care

of calls on mental health general referral advice line result in patients avoiding a referral

Some customer feedback:

NHS Greenwich CCG

“The benefits for patients and clinicians are potentially huge. We can see that there are multiple ways that this service will make a real difference locally.”

Irene Grayson, Associate Director Primary Care Commissioning, NHS Greenwich CCG

NHS Milton Keynes CCG

”Using the activity data reports Consultant Connect sends us we are able to; identify specific training needs, monitor outcomes and commission improved services to the local population.”

Michael Ramsden, Project Lead – Head of Programme Delivery: Planned Care & Long-Term Conditions, NHS Milton Keynes CCG

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