Introducing PhotoSAF – take IG-secure photos on your mobile

Published: 2nd November 2017

PhotoSAF by Consultant Connect solves the problem of taking clinical photos safely on your mobile.

Using the Consultant Connect app, clinicians can take photos that are immediately uploaded to a secure, IG-compliant storage area. The patient’s NHS number and any explanatory notes can be added to the photos.

At the end of the photo session, the photos, including thumbnails, are not stored on the phone and cannot be accessed again on the phone.

To access the photos and the associated notes, the user logs in to the secure Consultant Connect platform on their desktop. From there the images can be viewed and forwarded using existing secure channels, such as ERS and email.

PhotoSAF is considerably easier than today. Clinicians no longer have to take photos on their phone, email them to themselves and then delete the photos, which may be copied to their personal photo cloud storage. Similarly, clinicians relying on digital cameras don’t have to find the camera, check that it’s charged, find the cable, connect the camera to their desktop, download the photos, delete the photos off the camera.

PhotoSAF makes the best option the easy option. That’s why clinicians will use it.

How PhotoSAF works – step by step

1. After opening the Consultant Connect app and choosing the photos tab, user confirms that they have patient consent to take photos;

2. User takes photos as they would with any photo app;


3. User inputs patient’s NHS number;

4. User inputs any notes on the photos;


5. User confirms that they wish to save the photos to the PhotoSAF cloud;

6. User receives confirmation that photos are stored in the PhotoSAF cloud and are not available on the mobile device;


7. User logs in to the secure Consultant Connect / PhotoSAF platform; and

8. User has access to photos for upload to patient records or sharing via secure means of communication, eg. ERS, NHS email.



PhotoSAF is free for Consultant Connect Advice & Guidance customers. It can also be purchased separately non its own. If you would like to discuss rolling out PhotoSAF in your area, please contact us on 01865 261467 or email At the moment PhotoSAF is only available for purchase by CCGs, Trusts, GP Federations or similar organisations – we are not able to offer individual subscriptions at this time.

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