“Tell us about a case”: How clinicians use Consultant Connect to benefit their patients

Published: 25th June 2021
Thousands of clinicians use Consultant Connect as part of their daily practice. In this article we share some of their insights into how Advice & Guidance is used in a wide range of real-life scenarios.

Receiving feedback about Consultant Connect services from clinicians is extremely valuable to us. Not only does it allow us to monitor and improve the services we provide to them, but it also allows us to gain powerful insights into how Enhanced Advice & Guidance is used in practice.

Some of the most interesting conversations we have with clinicians who are using our service are about their Advice & Guidance calls, as they often include detail about how their patients are benefitting from the service.

Patients benefit profoundly when clinicians use immediate Advice & Guidance, through:

  • Instant reassurance, avoidance of stress or worry
  • Avoidance of costs and disruption through unnecessary hospital visits
  • Getting the right care, faster

Below are some snippets of recent Advice & Guidance case studies from a variety of clinicians. They cover a range of specialties and the clinicians share examples of how patients benefit from immediate Advice & Guidance:

Alex Howard, Optometrist

“I recently saw an asymptomatic lady with a small macular hole but good vision. In the past I might have referred her for a routine opinion, and she might have waited a couple of months to be seen in HES, worrying in the meantime. In the event, I was able to call her back later that same day to tell her the ophthalmologist had seen the scan and was happy for us to perform another OCT in the community in 6 months’ time unless she noticed any visual change – a much better outcome for everyone involved.”

Read the full case study


Dr Tariq Bhatti, Paediatric Consultant

“A 14 year old was seen by their GP with flu like illness and couple of small palpable neck glands. The GP did the blood test which showed mildly raised alkaline phosphatase and was worried about abnormal liver function. This is not unusual and being the only symptoms from the patient I advised the GP that no further action was required. The GP was reassured, and a referral was avoided.”

Read the full case study


Sion Breese, WAST Paramedic

“The app allows me to speak directly with specific areas of need. A recent example was the need to contact the Palliative care team for some advice in managing an End-of-Life patient. I was able to speak very quickly to the Palliative Care specialist and discuss a treatment plan to allow the patient to remain comfortable at home with their family around them.”

Read the full case study


Dr Ian Craig, GP

I saw a patient with symptoms from enlarged saliva glands. The patient was already known to the local ENT team, but their symptoms had worsened. I wanted to know how to manage them in the short term and I was able to speak to an ENT consultant for advice. This made me more confident with my management plan and reassured the patient that we had sought specialist advice. The patient appreciated having a specialist give us advice.”

Read the full case study


Dr Goyal, GP

“Dr Goyal, saw a patient who “had a lump in their neck and was worried about cancer”. To help manage the patient’s worries about the risk of cancer, Dr Goyal used Telephone Advice & Guidance, via Consultant Connect, to speak directly with a local Endocrinology consultant.”

Read the full case study


Practice Nurse & Prescriber

“A young female patient came to see the nurse as she was suffering from excessive prolonged bleeding whilst using progestogen only pill (POP). The girl was unable to use the combined oral contraceptive pill (COC).  The nurse used Consultant Connect Telephone Advice & Guidance service for get rapid advice from a local gynaecologist on the most suitable option for the patient.”

Read the full case study


Dr Turner, Respiratory Medicine Consultant

Dr Turner recently helped a local GP manage a patient’s care, who was experiencing breathlessness and had low oxygen levels. The patient had also recently been “discharged from hospital and the discharge paperwork suggested that readmission was not advised”. The patient also wished to stay at home. Dr Turner was able to support them and provide care in accordance with their wishes, by adding tablet-based treatment and having an assessment the next day. Collaboratively, Dr Turner and the GP were able to start “similar management to a hospital setting via support from the community respiratory team.”

Read the full case study


Dr Katie Hebbes, Doctor

“My first Photo Advice & Guidance query via Consultant Connect generated a management plan response in 1 hour. 3 weeks later, when I needed further advice, I could re-open the original consultation with my next query which was answered by the same doctor half an hour later.”

Read the full case study


Dr Varadarajan Baskar, Diabetes & Endocrinology Consultant

Dr Baskar recently helped a local GP who was seeking advice about a patient with Type 2 Diabetes. The GP used Telephone Advice & Guidance, via Consultant Connect, to get rapid advice as the patient’s control had fluctuated rather considerably. The GP spoke to Dr Baskar and explained the patient’s history and asked whether they ought to consider scans for the patient to exclude malignancy. Dr Baskar explains: “I was able to reassure both the GP and patient that the fluctuations were likely caused by patient-initiated changes to lifestyle, which the GP subsequently confirmed after reviewing practice nurse notes, and so didn’t need to consider any scans for the patient to exclude malignancy.”

Read the full case study


More information:

For more user case studies grouped by user type or specialty, click here.

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