Special Achievement Award – Consultant Connect 2020 Awards

Published: 18th December 2020
Last week we published part one of Consultant Connect NHS Advice & Guidance Awards, yesterday we published part two, and today we publish our Special Achievement Award which goes to the fastest roll out we have ever had...

The NHS has worked tirelessly throughout the challenges of 2020 and specifically in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you NHS, it has been a privilege to work alongside you.


NHS Advice & Guidance: Special Achievement Award

Best Responses to COVID-19:
Fastest Implementation – Swansea Bay University Health Board

Back in April, Consultant Connect was asked to roll out its service across the whole of Wales. It goes without saying that this was a considerable task and it’s a tribute to the hard work of all the Health Boards, the Welsh Ambulance Service and the account teams at CC that this was achieved by June / July.

One Health Board area, though, decided to put a marker in the sand. That area was Swansea Bay. With what we can only describe as a Herculean local effort, Swansea Bay launched its service within 72 hours of Consultant Connect contracting with the Welsh Government. Local hospital teams came together to offer a comprehensive urgent care service, local GPs engaged with the hospital and Consultant Connect on plans for the service and usage.

It was a great achievement that justifiably made the news:


At the time of launch Swansea Bay’s Interim Deputy Medical Director, Dr Alastair Roeves, said: “Consultant Connect is an app that GPs, paramedics and other allied health professionals can install on their mobile phone. Having that instant advice will help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions that aren’t actually going to benefit the patient.” Fast forward to December 2020, and the service is thriving, offering over 15 specialties.


Consultant Connect Director Roger Tweedale was involved in the launch. He commented:

“Implementing our service in just 72 hours was a huge achievement. It’s the fastest rollout we have ever had. The fact that it was also rolled out during the height of the pandemic’s first wave is even more remarkable. I don’t think any other UK area will ever beat this timetable. This agility is down to the excellent leadership of Swansea Bay’s Interim Deputy Medical Director, Dr Alastair Roeves and his team and the willingness of local GPs to embrace innovation.”


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