5 minutes with a Care Home Manager

Two months after the Care Home Connect pilot went live in Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, Cheryl Smith, Care Home Manager at Chilton Place, talks to us about her experience of getting Advice & Guidance through the service...
5 minutes with a Care Home Manager

Cheryl Smith is a Care Home Manager at Chilton Place, in Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, Wales. Since the 18th September 2020, Chilton Place has been able to use Consultant Connect to obtain Telephone Advice & Guidance from relevant GP practices, as well as Out Of Hour (OOH) GPs, for their residents.

Cheryl talks to us about her personal experience of getting Telephone Advice & Guidance through the service…


1. What would you say are the key benefits you’ve gained since using the Consultant Connect service?

  • “It provides me with quicker access to GPs and OOH GPs for advice.
  • GPs can reach me more easily if they are returning my call.
  • It’s improving relationships with local GPs and helping to provide faster care for our residents.”

2. Have you found it easy to use? Why would you recommend this service to colleagues?

  • “Really easy to use.
  • We have found the response time to be excellent! We no longer have to listen to a recorded message, then wait in a queue, before finally speaking to a receptionist.
  • Calls are answered immediately, and we appear to have a dedicated member of the surgery to speak to every time.
  • I highly recommend my colleagues who haven’t used it yet to give it a go, it’s an excellent tool.“

3. Do you have feedback about information received regarding the service?

“Communication and information I received from Consultant Connect about the service has been good and very clear.“

4. How has it helped with your response to COVID-19? 

  • “It’s still a relatively new service but has been a very helpful tool to have during COVID-19.
  • We’ve been able to communicate faster with local GPs for advice on our residents.
  • It’s helped us provide better care for our residents.”

5. What do you see as the main benefits to residents? Can you provide a recent example of when you used the service to benefit a resident?

  • “Timely advice has enabled us to provide faster and improved care for our residents.
  • We recently contacted a GP using Care Home Connect when a resident appeared to be suffering from Shingles. Shingles was confirmed by the GP and appropriate treatment was prescribed immediately. The resident commenced treatment the same day and is now much better.”

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